Dittha Sab – January 23, 2015

Popular comedy serial ‘Dittha Sab’ was shown in Kantipur TV. Watch this episode ti know.

  • Why is Narayen Baje mad at Dittha Sab?
  • Why is Narayan Baje dancing?
  • Why did Panche hit Narayen Baje?
  • Why are Damare and Saku pretending they are foreigners?
  • Why is Chaku mad at Damare?

Dittha Sab

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Ukali Orali – January 21, 2014

Popular musical program ‘Ukali Orali’ was shown in Image Channel. Highlights of this program:

  • Karuna is the host of today’s episode.
  • Wednesday trailers of songs are shown the viewers who can identify the singers name at end of the program win prizes.
  • ‘Balla po peerr parna thalyo …’ by Pashupati Sharma and Bishnu Majhi.
  • ‘Bar pipalko patma …’ by Ramji Khand and Bishnu Majhi.

Ukali Orali

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