What the Flop – July 28, 2014

The comedy program by Sandip Chhetri, ‘What the Flop’ is one of the most popular comedy program in Kantipur TV.

Highlights of today’s episode:

  • The program starts with the news about KP Oli winning the president of CPN (UML)
  • The protest culture in Nepal
  • The effect of budget – a comedy program
  • The issue of DIG promotion
  • Baburam Bhattarai to teach in the University.
  • A comedy on report of flood in road in Kathamndu.

what the flop program

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Sajha Sawal – Disaster Risk Reduction

Topic of the day – Disaster Risk Reduction
Program – BBC Nepali Sewa, Sajha Sawal
Episode – 350
Guests – Pradeep Koirla, Lokraj Dhakal, Ramprasad Bhattarai

sajha sawal

The preparation of disasters like earthquake, fire, flood, landslide. The program is recorded in Ilam. The program also features the voice of the victim of flood in Kanchanpur.

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Ukali Orali – July 27, 2014

The Sunday edition of Ukali Orali is presented by Anusha Poudel. The talent episode of the show features the songs of the callers.

ukali orali july 27

The highlights of today’s show :

  • “Aaipugyo Naulo Gam …” by Amrit Luili magar and Hemanta Ale
  • “Barta Garaideu …” by Ram Chandra, Sindhu Mall, Shiva, Anjana, Rajan , Mandavi Tripathi
  • “Bhaisi Palera …” by Arjun Gaire, Raju Pariyar, Bishnu Majhi

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Harke Haldar – July 27, 2014

Highlights of today’s ‘Harke Haldar‘:

  • Where do Aasha’s father go ? How does Assha and her father, Gajale, try to solve Batuli and Lahure ba’s issue.
  • What happens the love story of Jhamke ?
  • What does the zodaic sign say about Lahure Ba’s future ?
  • What happens to the love story of Lahure and Batuli ?

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Ukali Orali – July 26, 2014

Saturday edition of ‘Ukali Orali’ is the request edition of the lok geet program.

ukali orali july 26

The highlights of today’s Ukali Orali:

  • “Dhuwa Sari …” by Ramji Khand and Manju Poudel
  • “Lekaima Gurash …” by Pashupati Sharma
  • “Malai Amerika Yehi… ” by Pashupati Sharma and Sita KC
  • “Pyar hunchha … ” by Ramji Khand and Krishna Gurung
  • “Sasuki Chhori …” by Raju Pariyar, Sher Bahadur Achary, Bima Kumari Dura

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