We have a dedicated site for music programs like ‘Ukali Orali‘ and other Music TV programs. The site will be fully dedicated to music related news, views and information. We have a dedicated staff to run the site and we also hope you will enjoy it like SerialSansar.

Similarly, we are also updating film related programs in Moviesnepal.com. The site had been running for a long time and we are proud to inform that SerialSanar has now started the collaboration with the website.

Harke Haldar (हर्के हल्दार) – Harke Haldar started in Kantipur TV on August 8, 2010. The serial features Bishnu Sapkota in leading role. The comedy serial is shown every Sunday.

Hijo Aajaka Kura – After a long absense from the TV, Santosh Panta has re-started the popular comedy serial Hijo Aajaka Kura.

Hijo Aaja Ka Kura harke-haldar

Jhyaikuti JhyaiDaman Rupakheti, after leaving Meri Bassai started another comedy serial named Jhyaikuti Jhyai. Serialsansar has collected the serials since December 4, 2009.

Gharbeti Ba (घरभेटी बा) is another comedy serial in Kantipur TV, broadcasted every Monday.

jhyaikuti jhyaigharbeti_ba

Other serials/programs

Chamchami (छमछमी) – A talent hunt program for dancers

The Singing Star – Musical reality show

Singing Icon – Another Musical reality show

Ukali Orali - Lok Geet musical program

Weekly Schedule:

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