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Samdhi jyu – Meri Bassai actors comedy telefilm

samdhijyuA comedy telefilm ‘Samdhi jyu’ is made on the problem of upper caste and lower caste in a typical Nepali society.  Dhurmus (Sitaram Kattel) is featured as a higher caste member of the society. Suntali (Kunjana Ghimire) is a daughter of a tailor, a low cast in society. Sitaram’s son Bandre and Kunajana fell in love. The serial is about how two fathers come together and  support the love of their children.

This is a comedy telefilm with a very good message to Nepali society. Caste system and discrimination based on race and caste is one of the biggest problem in Nepal. Serials like ‘Samdhijyu’ give a good message to the society and help to minimize gender and caste discrimination.

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Comedy song by Takme Budho and Wilson Bikram Rai – Pani pani

A comedy song titled ‘Pani Pani…’ by the popular comedy actor Wilson Bikram Rai who is also known as Takme Buda (in Meri Bassai) is featured in a song by himself. Other actors featured in the video include Samjhana Rai, Bishal Limbu, Samihang Kandangwa. The video also features students of Eden Garden English school at Birtamod, Jhapa.

yeti yeti pani wilson bikram rai

Watch the comedy video:

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Meri Bassai – July 8, 2014

The July 8 edition of ‘Meri Bassai‘ continues on the story of the last week.

Watch the episode to know:

  • Why does Gopte Kaji goes to the police station and what is the news on radio?
  • Who does the police arrest the new guy in the village?
  • What is the new trick played by Fasi Lal and Muskan Pasa to get Nirmali?
  • Why does Dhurmus start helping Fasi Lal in his affair with Nirmali?
  • What is the trouble in Khadkaji’s home?
  • What does Dari Ba do to the new found relationship between his daughter and Fasi Lal?

Watch the full episode to know all the answers:

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Meri Bassai – July 1, 2014

The July 1 edition of comedy serial ‘Meri Bassai‘ continues on the story of Dhurmus, Suntali, Dari Ba, Fasilal, Khadkaji, Muskan Pasa, Magne Budho, Takme Budho and other funny characters. Unlike ‘Jire Khursani‘ and ‘Tito Satya‘ there were no new episodes of ‘Meri Bassai’ — that was until today’s episode. This episode is the new episode with World Cup fever and other funny stuffs.

Highlights of this episode (video highlight at the end of the post):

  • Who stole Kaji’s TV ? Why was it stolen?
  • Who does Khadka ji want to marry ?
  • Who wins the dohori between KP Oli and Madhav Nepal ?
  • What is the issue of pressure cooker?
  • How does World Cup affect the characters in the serial?

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Meri Bassai – June 24, 2014

The June 24 episode of ‘Meri Bassai‘ continues on the funny comedy program. In this episode, the issue between Maiya and magne budo has been solved and they are together now.

Watch this episode to know:

  • How the Sanskar Guru Khadka ji changes from Sanskarguru to the same old Khadka.
  • How do Magne Budha and Muiya revised their love to each other?
  • What trouble did Magne Budho got into?
  • Who was the new person in the village?
  • Why does Fasilal decided to go to foreign country?
  • How does Suntali buy a goat?

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