Oct 032015
Tito Satya - October 1, 2015 (600th episode)

Popular comedy serial ‘Tito Satya’ was shown in NTV. Watch this episode to know: This is the 600th episode of popular comedy serial ‘Tito Satya’. Deepak and Deepa talks about this popular serial. Today’s program is special episode of ‘Tito Satya’. Some popular previous scenes of ‘Tito Satya’ are also shown. Haribansa Acharye congratulates Deepak […]

Sep 252015
Tito Satya 2015 episodes (January to September)

Tito Satya – September 24, 2015 Popular comedy serial ‘Tito Satya’ was shown in NTV. Watch this episode to know: Why did Beimaan held the Nepali Flag? Why did Beimaan and Subba discuss about constitution. Why did Beimaan hug Deepa and why he didn’t want to hug Kabi Kakakul? Why is politician Baburam sad? Incoming […]

Dec 262014
Tito Satya - All 2014 episodes

Tito Satya – December 25, 2014 Popular comedy serial ‘Tito Satya’ was shown in NTV. Highlights of this episode: The serial starts with a conversation between poet Kakakul and Deepa. Deepa and her friends talk about like feature in Facebook. In this ‘Tito Satya’ episode we can also see Jire Khursani’ Hero Jitu Nepal (Mundre). […]

Jul 102014
Tito Satya - July 10, 2014

The July 10 edition of ‘Tito Satya‘ continues on the story of World Cup and comedy on other social and political issues. Highlights of today’s episode: What is the response of Deepa on the loss of Brazil to Germany? Why the number 7 got bad name ? What is the role of popular choreographer Shankar […]

Jul 032014
Tito Satya - July 3, 2014

The July 3 version of ‘Tito Satya‘ continues on the last episode’s World Cup fever. Watch the episode to know: Continuation of the last episode – How Beman took side of Deepa ? What happened when LadaLam tries to buy the football jersey ? What is the response of Raj on the game of Argentina […]

Jun 262014
Tito Satya - June 26, 2014

Popular comedy serial ‘Tito Satya‘ continues to make fun of the problems in the society. This week’s episode continues the last week’s story of football and political satires. Watch the highlights: The main attractions of this week’s episode are: How FIFA World Cup continues to affect the day to day life? How Baburam and Hisila […]

Jun 122014
Tito Satya (June 12, 2014)

The June 12 episode of Tito Satya is special because of the the foot World Cup going on in Brazil. In the serial the fake Prachanda supports Brazil while fake Baburam supports Argentina. Deepa Shree supports Brazil. Watch the episode to know: How the leaders of the serial campaign for election (re-election on Ashad 8). […]

Jun 052014
Tito Satya, June 5, 2014

Watch the June 5 episode of the popular TV serial ‘Tito Satya‘. Like May 29 episode, this is the second episode in which there is no Deepak Raj Giri. Deepak has announced about leaving the serial and now Deepa Shree is carrying the full load of the serial. Watch this episode to know: How the […]

May 222014

This is the new episode of Tito Satya, a comedy serial shown in Nepal Television. (We explained about this episode in this article.) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 For the last couple of months, no new episodes of ‘Tito Satya’ were recorded when the production company Media Hub failed to pay as […]