Apr 172010




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  11 Responses to “Meri Bassai – April 17, 2010”

  1. hi
    how are you

  2. wow,so nice i like meri bassai…..its so funny and nice……i m love in it..

  3. hello
    iam deepak mainali from canada
    saskatchewan regina please can u sends nepali movies agnipath
    silsila and hungama please sends ok please
    thank u ya i said that but is not com eplease sends ok

  4. plezz sends nepali movies chandal and chamatkar

  5. hi
    thanks for magne buda and bhandre very cute acting

  6. Hi magne buda ra dhurmuse dai I like this program. n i allways see your program keep it up ok byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  7. i like it,meri bassai so, funny serial i love it always.

  8. i like this serial,i never miss this serial i love it always.

  9. hi i m umesh.i like meri basai comedy teleserial.

  10. i lov this serial. I lv very much. I cant live without meri bassai.

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