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Sunny Leone Dashain wish to Nepali in Nepali language (Sunday Funday)

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Oct 182015
Sunny Leone Dashain wish to Nepali in Nepali language (Sunday Funday)

…her plan to visit Nepal in near future. The product seem to be planning a launch event with Sunny as the main attraction. On October 8 post in her official Facebook account, Sunny has told about her plan to visit Nepal soon. There is no information on the exact date and the details of the visit and the program. Previously, in July, Sunny had told about her plan to visit Nepal. Incoming search terms: bhoot katha nepali singers name list nepali

Nepali Politicians talk about earthquake 2015

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May 102015
Nepali Politicians talk about earthquake 2015

This program was shown in NTV. Highlights of this program: Politician Madhav Kumar Nepal talks about his thoughts on earthquake. Jhalanath Khanal talks about earthquake loss. Baburam Bhattarai thanks helpful people and countries.

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May 262010
Nepali Leaders Cartoon in Facebook

In recent days Facebook has been loaded with many funny pictures of our Nepali politicians. People are finding it fun to use photo editing software to construct such images. A fake news about the government directing users not to post such images has been instrumental in increasing such images in Facebook in recent days. Actor Madan Krishna Shrestha has expressed that the cartoon are well intended and they should be taken in a positive message….

Pratap Lama wins the Nepali Tara Season 3

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Mar 072015
Pratap Lama wins the Nepali Tara Season 3

…tap Lama has won the biggest musical reality show in Nepal, Nepali Tara. The third edition of the show has concluded on Friday, March 6. Pratap won by the votes from the viewers and the scoring of the judges. The second in the contest is Devesh Rai and the third is Suresh Lama. The winner, Pratap Lama was awarded with a Discover motorcycle and Rs. 250,000 cash prize.  The winner of Nepali Tara 1 was Deepak Limbu and the winner of Nepali

Nepali Comedy Artists Profiles

Nepali Comedy Artists Profiles

…11; Bisnu Bhakta Phuyal biography Jaya Ojha – Sweety of ‘Tito Satya’ and ‘Jhayikuti Jhayi’ Harisha Baniya – Bhuniya of “Meri Bassai”. Incoming search terms: badmasthe badmasthe com bad masthe com list of nepali comedian actor of bhadragol which channel telecast the new nepali programme khaskhus? shankar acharya – bhadragol Nepali Serials Actress nepali serial actress meri bassai all actar name…

Nov 152015
Bhai Tiaka and Deepawali 2015 of Nepali artists

Like every years, Nepali artists celebrate Bhai Tika and Diwali this year. Here are some highlights of this years Tihar. The first video is “Top 5 Bhai Tika Moments of 2015”. The vide presents five incidents – Palpasa Dangol (Chamsuri in Meri Bassai) bhai tika in Teaching Hospital, Komal Oli’s petrol gift to her brothers and other stories. This video is a photo presentation of the Deepawali celebration of Nepali artists:…

Nov 272015
Nepali Comedy Serial - Dhukka (Episode 3 update)

Nepali Comedy Serial – Dhukka Starring – Laxuman Bikram Basnet, Jiwan Thapa, Furman Thapa, Shanti Basnet, Rojar Giri, Sagar Subedi, Sarita Bhandari etc. Director – Jiwan Thapa Nepali comedy serial ‘Dhukka’ is a presentation of Bibek Films. Assistant director of the serial is Furman Thapa. The story is written by Jiwan Thapa on which the script is prepared jointly by Sushil Pokharel, Furman Thapa and Shanti Basnet….

Mar 112015
Nepali Serial - Parichaya (Episode 1 to 10)

…90 Episode 71 to Episode 80 Episode 61 to Episode 70 Episode 51 to Episode 60 Episode 41- 50 Episode 41- 50 Episode 31- 40 Episode 21- 30 Episode 11- 20 Episode 1- 10 Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10 Episode 11 – Episode 20. Incoming search terms: nepali youn satya katha parichaya nepali serial nepali serial parichaya…

Jul 242015
Parichaya (Nepali Serial Episode 41 to 50)

Nepali Serial – Parichaya Starring – Bharati Ghimire, Sarita Lamichhane, Dinesh Sharma, Nagendra Rijal, Arun Regmi, Ambika Pradhan etc. Director – Rishi Lamichhane Nepali serial ‘Parichaya’ is a multi-part television serial shown in Nepal Television. In serialsansar, we are posting the serial in a batch of 10 episodes in a single post. After the completion of the serial, we will update each part with the links to all the posts. This…

Khel, Nepali serial (Episode 1-20)

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Aug 052015
Khel, Nepali serial (Episode 1-20)

Nepali Serial – Khel (The Game of Suspense) Starring – Anil Bomjom, Sahara Prasai, Rupa Deuja, Sandhya Shrestha, Biswas Bhandari, Yogendra Sara Sankar, Ramesh Regmi, Sandesh Lamichanne, Sital Lamichhane, Birendra Mukhiya, Niru Bajracharya, etc.. Director – Samir Miya Episode 20 added Nepali Suspense Thriller Serial ‘Khel’ is presentation of writer/director Samir Miya and produced by Rupa Deuja. A presentation of…

Pathavrasta – Nepali serial (Update Episode 6)

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Oct 112015
Pathavrasta - Nepali serial  (Update Episode 6)

…Deepak Tripathi, Suvekchya Thapa, Geeta Sahi, Sunil Thapa Director: Om Pratik Other actors in the serial are Binod Manandhar, Ram Budhathoki, Bhuwan Bhatta, Raj Kumar Giri, Karan Crazy, Manju Shiwakoti and others. Binod Manandhar is a guest artist in the serial. Episode 7 : Coming soon. Episode 6 Episode 5 Episode 4 Episode 3 Episode 2 Episode 1 Part 1 part 2 Incoming search terms: npalixnxx hamro college cast www new nepalicomedy bhadrakol com…

Bhagye Aa-Afno, Nepali serial (update Episode 6)

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Aug 012015
Bhagye Aa-Afno, Nepali serial (update Episode 6)

Nepali Serial – Bhagye Aa-Afno Starring – Siru Bista, Om Pratik, Shital KC, Susmita Karki, Ramchandra Adhikari, C.P. Paudel, Hari Adhikari, Jaya Ojha, Ramkrishna Shrestha, Babu Gurung, Bhawana Gurung, Ramesh Rijal, Rajesh Shahi, etc. Director – Ramesh Koirala Superhit Nepali Serial ‘Bhagya Afno’ is produced by Rajesh Shahi. The serial was made under the banner of Pratima Venus Films. The manager of the serial is…

Jul 172015
Nepali Serial – Parichaya (Episode 11 to 20)

Nepali Serial – Parichaya Starring – Bharati Ghimire, Sarita Lamichhane, Dinesh Sharma, Nagendra Rijal, Arun Regmi, Ambika Pradhan etc. Director – Rishi Lamichhane This post has Episodes 11 to 20. Previous Watch Episodes 1 to 10 and Watch the next, Episodes 21-30 (coming soon). The Nepali telefilm ‘Parichaya’ directed by Rishi Lamichhane is a popular television serial. The serial is produced jointly by Sarita Lamichhane and Ram Sharan Ghimire….

Aug 272015
Maiti - Nepali serial episodes 21-30

This is the third part of 10-episodes ‘Maiti’ telefilm. Nepali serial – Maiti (Episode no. 21 to Episode 30) Starring – Sarita Lamichhane, Usha Rajak, Sailaja Pandey, Sirjana Acharya, Nagendra Rijal, Ramesh Budhathoki, Sekhar Chapagain, Amrit Jung Basnet, Sima Dhakal, Sabita Thapa etc. Director – BR Dhakal Episode 30 added at the end. – Nepali serial episodes 11-20 Episode 21 Episode 22 Episode 23 Episode 24 Episode 25…

Jan 142014
Manoj Gajurel comdey - HBC a Nepali version of Comedy Nights with Kapil

…endra, Manoj Gajurel had invited Bhashkar Rajkarnikar. The only difference is that Manoj also allows other comedy artists to present their creations. The problem with this modal is that, the guest artists aren’t always funny enough. Episode 1 : Guest – Bhaskar Rajkarnikar, Guest artist – Laxman Gamname (Poem) Episode 2 : Guest – Sitaram Kattel, Guest artist – Harikala Upreti (poem) Episode 3 : Guest – Deepa…

Nov 282009
Deepak Raj Giri - Nepali Comedian

This is start of the one-stop location of Nepali serials and comedy porgram in The first post is about the comedian Deepak Raj Giri, the “Tito Satya” famed comedy actor. After working a various movies, “Chha Ekan Chha” had become the first super hit movie of the actor. We have also written a post – biography of Deepak Raj Giri. *** Original post continues *** Deepak Raj Giri is one of the finest…

Nov 232015
Nita Pokharel - Nepali actress in Model Monday

…ried in Nepali film industry is considered a curse. She also told that some producers and directors tried to take advantage of her and asked her to go to private places with them for the roles. References: Nitu Pokharel biography in Thamel Dot Com release news in Photos from cybersanser, DC Nepal and Facebook Incoming search terms: nepali comedy khas khus bhag 2 www 2072 nepali gaika…

Nepali Actress Keki Adhikari

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May 012013
Nepali Actress Keki Adhikari

…’ team. In theater, Keki had also done leading role in ‘Charumati’. More about Keki can be obtained from her website, (updated on March 13, 2014) Incoming search terms: Nepali youn katha naya nepali youn katha nepali youn katha 2012 youn katha nepali youn katha 2013 nepali youn katha 2014 naya nepali youn katha 2014 Nepali Youn Katha in Nepali new nepali youn katha 2012 litilcham s singar song in…