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Feb 272014
Harke Haldar got married

Here is the photo of Harke Haldar getting married to Aasha. Advertisement Now, don’t ask who Harke Haldar or Asha is. You better watch the popular comedy serial ‘Harke Haldar‘ to see the comedy of Bishnu Sapkota and the events leading to the marriage. ‘Harke Haldar’ started in 2010 and has been running for more than it was anticipated in the beginning. Bishnu Sapkota is featured in double role as a 6…

Jun 082014
Harke Haldar, June 8, 2014

The June 8 version of ‘Harke Haldar‘ is funnier and interesting comedy serial. Advertisement Watch this episode to know: Why did Lahure Ba drink? What happened to Lahure Ba after drinking? Love affair between Reshma and Harke Haldar Watch the video: Single part: Two parts version: Part 1 Part 2 Incoming search terms: harkahaldar hark haldar com nepali comady moves sep 30 2014 harke haldar oct 8 2014 https://w…

Jun 292014
Harke Haldar - June 29, 2014

…hedules Why does Deuti wants the World Cup jersey – a Brazil one Who are the three girls who want to marry Harke? Aasha wants – Argentina jersey Like almost everybody in Nepal, World Cup fever can also be felt in the characters of ‘Harke Haldar’. Watch the video: (this is only 8:39 long video. we will update the video once the full video is available) Incoming search terms: harke haldar july 2014 harke haldar 7/3/20…

Harke Haldar – Nepali Comedy Serial


Comedy Serial – Harke Haldar Serial Details – Harke Haldar started in Kantipur TV on August 8, 2010 being shown every week on every Sunday. The serial features Bishnu Sapkota in leading role. Date – June 05, 2011 Part 1 Part 2 Incoming search terms: Nepali Comedi nepali commedy serial www nepali new comedi 2014 meribassaii new nepali harke haldar www nepalicomedy serial nepali comedy harkhe haldar harke haldar video new harke hal…

Jul 062014
Harke Haldar - July 6, 2014

…the story of Lahure Ba and the villagers. Watch the full episode to know: How do Jaya Bhole and the girls fool Harke in making him a groom? What does Lahureba does to Jaya Bhole and two girls? Why does Lahure ba scolds Aasha and Rupa ? What does Jhamke do when he saw Lauhre Ba and his girlfriend waling in each other’s arms. Watch the full episode to know the answer: Highlight of this episode: Incoming search terms: harke haldar co…

Jun 292014
Aasha Khadka - Aasha of Harke Haldar

One of the characters of comedy serial ‘Harke Haldar‘, Aasha’s real name is also the same. Featured as the daughter of Lahure and Batuli characters in the serial, she is featured as a smart and active girl who tries to help Harke to find a girl to marry. Aasha Khadka is originally from Dolkha. The 21-years-old actress is very interested in modeling. At the same time, she also has a dream to be a successful actress. Apart from…

Jul 132014
Harke Haldar - July 13, 2014

Funny comedy serial ‘Harke Haldar‘ continues on the story of the retired police Lahure Ba and his son Harke. Highlights of the current 176th episode: Love story between Reshma and Jhamke continues Pyata appears when Reshma kisses Jhamke Watch the serial to see what follows next Watch the serial: Incoming search terms: www harke haldar com harka halder harke haldar september 07 2014 nepali khoji pratibha 2014ko www 2014ko new ne…

Aug 032014
Harke Haldar - August 3, 2014

The August 3 edition of ‘harke Haldar‘ continues on the funny story of Harke and Lahure ba: What is the discussion of Pyatta  and Jhamke ? What does Lahure Ba does to Jhamke ? How does Harke get a new dress and why does he take bath in his new dress ? What is the suggestion of Asha? What is the new plan of Lahure Ba and Jhamke ? Watch the full episode: Incoming search terms: harke haldar august 3 2014 harkahaldar2071 harke hald…

Jun 222014
Harke Haldar - June 22, 2014

On the June 22 edition of ‘Harke Haldar‘, Harke continues to search for a girl to marry. Watch this episode to know: Will the girl from West Nepal agrees to marry Harke? What happens to the Laure Ba’s affair with Batuli? How do they meet and make fool of Asha and her father? What happens to the affair of Jhamke? Watch the video to know the answers: Incoming search terms: hark haldar Nepali harke haldar www harkehaldar com…

Jul 272014
Harke Haldar - July 27, 2014

Highlights of today’s ‘Harke Haldar‘: Where do Aasha’s father go ? How does Assha and her father, Gajale, try to solve Batuli and Lahure ba’s issue. What happens the love story of Jhamke ? What does the zodaic sign say about Lahure Ba’s future ? What happens to the love story of Lahure and Batuli ? Watch the full program: Incoming search terms: harke haldar 27sep 2014 harkehalder 27 september 2014…

Jul 202014
Harke Haldar – July 20, 2014

Comedy serial ‘Harke Haldar‘ is one of the funniest comedy serial in Kantipur TV. In July 20 edition, 177 episode of the funny comedy continues on the story of Lahure Ba, his son Harke and the villagers. Watch the highlights of this episode: What happens to the love story of Reshma and Jhamke? What does the group gathered by Pyatya does to Jhamke and Reshma ? Why does Lahure Ba sends Bate home ? Watch the full episode: Incoming…

May 252014
Harke Haldar, May 25, 2014

The May 25, 2014 episode of Harke Haldar feature Watch this episode to know: How Gajale and Lahure patch up? What is the nest step of Jhamke and Asha took to create divide between Gajale and Lahure? How do Asha and Jhamke use Harke against Laure Ba? Incoming search terms: nepali serial harkehabaldar harka haldar Nepali Serial harke haldar herke haldar harka hardal october 2014 harke haldar 2014 augast 25 kiran karki se y fak omages…

May 042014
Harke Haldar - May 4, 2014

Popular comedy TV serial ‘Harke Haldar’ was shown in Kantipur TV. Video This serial is shown on every Sunday at 7:30 pm. Incoming search terms: harke haldar 4 may 2014 harke haldar may 2014 harka halder 4 Febuary 2014 harka haldar may 2014…

Aug 102014
Harke Haldar - August 10, 2014

Popular comedy serial ‘Harke Haldar’ was shown in Kantipur TV. What is the discussion of Parbati bhauju and Harke? What are Deuki and Aasa saying  about their parents? Why is Harke asking about ‘Ek mukhe rudrakchhe” from  Lahure Ba and Pyatta? Watch the full video Incoming search terms: meri bassai2014august harke haldar1septembar 2014 parbati of harke haldar Parbati bhauju of harke haldar nepali youn katha bhauju n…

Jun 012014
Harke Haldar, June 1, 2014

Comedy serial ‘Harke Haldar‘ is featured in Kantipur TV. Watch this episode to see: How Jhamke’s plan fails and Gazale beats Jhamke How Jhamke changes his voice and teams up with Lahure Budho Note: The video is updated with the full episode. Full serial Incoming search terms: harke halder new nepali camedi harkhhe haldar vedios 2014 nepali harkehaldar harkhe haldar harke haldar sept 2014 Nepalefilam nepali harkhe haldar

Jun 152014
Harke Haldar, June 15, 2014

Watch this week’s episode of Harka Haldar to know: How Lahure ba sent message to Batuli ? What happened to Dalli ? How the affair between Jhamke and Reshma progresses? What Harke did in search for a girl to marry? Who did Harke find at the end? Watch the video: Incoming search terms: nepali comedy harke haldar harka haldar 15 sep 2014 harkahalder 16 november 2014 harkahalder 9 november 2014 harkahalder actress real name Harkehaldar A…

Aug 312014
Harke Haldar, August 31, 2014

Watch this week’s Harke Haldar to know: What happens to Lahure Ba? What does the Jaya Bhole says to Lahure ? How does Jaya Bhole explained what Lahure did to his wife? What was Lahure’s daughter Deuti’s response ? How Jhamke’s condition worsens in the tragedy ? Watch the full episode: Incoming search terms: nepali movie jirekhursaani karishma manandhar daughter Merribassai com Bhadragoal august 31st 2014 real name o…

Oct 272014
Harke Haldar - October 26, 2014

Popular comedy serial ‘Harke Haldar’ was shown in Kantipur TV. Highlight of this episode: Harke is mad at Aasha when she addresses him uncle. Harke wants to marry Aasha. Jhmke , his wife and Harke talk about Lahure Ba and Niruta’s relationship. Niruta and her sister plan to make money. Watch the full episode Incoming search terms: harka holder harke haldar 26 october 2014 Harke haldar 26october 2014 Harkehalsdar Nepali…

Oct 212014
Harke Haldar - October 20, 2014

Popular comedy serial ‘Harke Haldar’ was shown in Kantipur TV. Highlight of Today’s episode: Harke gets angry with his dad (Laure Ba). He trys to moves for firing the house of Laure . He says that he will burn the house. Deuki tries to to stop him. Harke cries a lot and says he will kill Laure. Watch the full episode Incoming search terms: harka haldar 2014 october 29 harka holtar meri bassai oct 20 2014 www harka haldar