पारस, हिमानीको राजशी लुक्स निर्मल निवास भित्र – Himani, Paras, Purnika Royal looks

Highlights of this video:

  • I have found some of the photos of the Bratabandha ceremony of ex-royal prince Hridayendra Shah that was kept away from journalist’s prying eyes.
  • No journalists were allowed to cover the event held in their home, Nirmal Niwas.
  • In the event, ex-princess Himani Shah wore royal looks with a crown on her head.
  • Her daughter Purnika Shah was also photographed wearing similar crown and wearing a big smile with her father Paras Shah.
      Here are some photos of the the Bratabandha of Paras and Himani’s son Hridayendra. No journalists were allowed to take photos or videos of the event

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