Dec 092016

Highlights of this video:

It is a heart-touching life story of one of the most liked comedian of Nepali television – the fat and funny Lajalam or Rajaram or RP Bhattarai.

  • How he met his wife Saru Bhattarai for the first time.
  • How he proposed his wife?
  • How he got married in a hurry?
  • A glimpse of the way Saru Bhattarai was brought up.
  • Starting a business in Biratnagar and failure.
  • The struggle RP Bhattarai did in Kathmandu.
  • Huge failure of his investment in Trucking business.
  • Huge debt and depression.
  • How his wife started of small-scale tea-shop – all by herself.
  • Business development start-up, sale and start-up again.
  • Manpower business and the benefits.
  • Struggle as an actor. How he struggle to get roles in television.
  • What caused hims to land in ‘Tito Satya’.
  • Success of ‘Lajalam’ charactrer.
  • Success and help of his wife in his success.
  • Support of his wife Saru in his acting career.


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