स्टारडम जोगाउन तालमेल – रेखाको फिल्ममा आर्यन कसरी ? Aryan Sigdel in Rekha film Rudra Priya

Aryan Sigdel in Rekha film Rudra Priya

Highlights of this video:

  • It seems like a political coalition during the election – the coalition between Rekha Thapa and Aryan Sigdel is an attempt to save the dwindling stardom of Rekha Thapa.
  • Aryan is one of the top actors of the film industry — In the other hand Rekha Films is known to introduce new actors rather than established ones.
  • In the upcoming movie ‘Rudra Priya’ Rekha is bringing in Aryan Sigdel.
  • Cold war between Rekha and Aryan is well known fact… this video is an attempt to dive into the facts and analyze.

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