हट आइटम डान्स डल्ली, छुल्ठिम गुरुङको, नेफ्टा अवार्ड दुबइमा, Dalli Dance, Dubai-Chhulthim, NEFTA

Highlights of this video:

  • Nepali actress, Chhulthim Gurung, popularly known as ‘Dalli’ after the role she did in ‘November Rain’, preformed an item number in the NEFTA stage at Dubai, UAE.
  • The song she danced in was from her upcoming movie ‘Diarry’.
  • Chhulthim is debuting as a producer in the movie.
  • Chhulthim is also an item girl in the song in the movie. Actress Rekha Thapa is featured in a negative role in ‘Diarry’.

Watch the full video

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