43 बेबी किंग भनेर चर्चित हृदयेन्द्र अहिले कस्ता देखिए? So called Baby King Hridayendra bratabandha

Highlights of this video:

  • The grandson of ex-king Gyanendra, Hridayendra made a rare public appearance after upnayan ceremony.
  • The traditional Hindu ritual performed to boys in their puberty is called Bratabandha.
  • In the procedure, a Guru gives a scared chant to the boy and instructs him to remain bounded under some principles.
  • According to the royal tradition, the little boys go to Maru Ganesh after the Bratabandha procedures.
  • The actual bratabandha was performed inside Nirmal Niwas – No photo or the video of the puja is available but, the video and the photo of Hridayendra were taken at Hanumandhoka.

Watch the full video

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