5 Dashain 2015 songs (new songs)

Dashain is the biggest festival in Nepal. I have collected some new and well known Dashain songs for the Dashain of 2015.

dashin songs collection

Deepak Limbu song “Narunu Hai Aama …” is a new Dashain Song, released in 2072. The lyrics of the song is written by Baba Aacharya and the music is composed by Nabin Rawal. The video is directed by Sirjan Baral, editing is done by Pradeep Dahal and the cameraman is Resham Darlame.

Bato Heri Naroye Aama ..” is another new  Dashain folk song of 2072 by singer Tekendra Bohora. The lyrics of the song is written by Milan Singh and Ramesh Pariyar. The director and editor of the video is Ramesh Bohara. Cameraman is Sagar Gautam. The models in the video are Shital KC and Laxmi.

“Ramro Sanga Mane Hai Yo Dashain” Dashain Song of 2015 features the voices of Krishna Baniya and Bima Anuragi. The music video features the lyrics of Nayan Sodari and Keshav Khatri, music of Krishna Baniya. The video is directed by Nayan Sodari ‘Chintit’ and edited by Milan Karki. Sagar Gautam is the cameraman of the video.

The following song titled “Ramro Sanga Manaau Dashainlai …”  is also a 2015 released Dashain song by singers  Baburam Pariyar and Purnakala BC. The lyrics is written by Umesh Kunwar and the musician is Homnath Kunwar. This is only audio (not a video)

A song by Rajendra Adhikari is titled “Hey Aama Auna Paunaa Ma …” The music video features the music and lyrics of the singer, Rajendra. The artists in the vide are Amrit and Puma. The cameraman is Saroj ADhikari, editing by Subash Amgai and directed by Apil Tripathi.

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