5 Facts, Royal blood, Real Name of Samragyee RL Shah

Highlights of this video:

  • What is the Royal connection of Samragyee RL Shah?
  • What is the real Name of Samragyee RL Shah?
  • Where was Samragyee born?
  • Where did she spent her childhood?
  • What beauty contest did Samragyee won?
  • How did Bhuwan KC find Samragyee RL Shah for his movie ‘Dreams’?
  • What is Samragyee connection with Samjhana Hotel in Birgunj?
  • Which school did Samragyee go?
  • Where did she did her schooling?


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With mother:
samragyee rl shah and mom neha rl shah

Childhood photo:

Samragyee RL Shah childhood

Hot photos of Samragyee RL Shah

samragyee rl shah hot beautiful

samragyee rl shah workout sexy dress

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