Sep 092016
  • Highlights of this video:
  • There are too many film awards … Same guys get the awards for the same roles in all of them.
  • Namrata Shrestha has been awarded 4 different awards in the last few months — for the same movie, same role.
  • I have decided to focus on what the celebrities wear rather than who wins the awards.
  • I have only focused in the actresses. That is because, the male fashion attires don’t have much variety to talk about.
  • I have talked about the dress of:
  • – Namrata Shrestha
    – Priyanka Karki
    – Karishma Manandhar
    – Shweta Khadka
    – Pooja Sharma
    – Reema BK (no talk just photos)


Watch the full video:

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