Anmol KC talks with Sahana Bajracharya in Namaste TV Show

Highlights of this interview:
The ‘Dreams’ actor, Anmol KC is the son of superstar actor Bhuwan KC. A well known and talented actor Bhuwan KC debuted as the director in ‘Dreams’ the movie he produced and directed but, wasn’t seen on screen. This is an interview of Anmol KC in a television program Namaste TV show.

  • Anmol says he is not an aggressive person.
  • Anmol also talks about his ultimate dreams.
  • He talks about his secret mantra of success and why his movies became successful.
  • He says, normally he is very lazy. But when he has to work he transforms himself into a hard worker.
  • Some program viewers also call to talk with Anmol KC.
  • Anmol says, that he is better looking person than his father Bhuwan KC.
  • Anmol has watched a lot of Hollywood or Bollywood movies but, he hasn’t copied any of their acting and he has tried to learn from their.

Namaste TV

Watch the full interview

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