Is it the End of Meri Bassai ?

UPDATE: The serial has restarted from August 7, 2010.

Last week the popular comedy serial Meri Bassai wasn’t shown in its Saturday’s regular broadcasted schedule. The viewers expecting to watch the movie were surprised when the serial didn’t showed up without notice. It was not only the viewers, the directors and the actors in the serial were equally surprised when the serial didn’t showed up.


Directors, Sitaram Kattel and Kedar Ghimire, told Kantipur representatives that they had prepared the episode and the tape was submitted for broadcasting but it wasn’t telecasted.

It was later known that the time slot that Media Hub, the distributer of the serial, had bought was expired and it was purchased by another organization, Syncro Media. In a bidding Syncro had paid more than Media Hub for the time-slot and hence Meri Bassai can no longer be broadcasted at that time.

While Media Hub is in the process of arranging the time slot for the serial some questions are raised on the transparency and procedure by which time is allocated for television serial:

  • Who is to blame for these mistakes? Is it Media Hub, Nepal Television, or the Meri Bassai team?
  • Why the Meri Bassai team was unaware of the time change? (Forget about the viewers!)
  • Are time-slot bidding being done in closed door?
  • Did Media Hub compensated the Meri Bassai team for the episode not shown last week.

Let’s hope the serial will be shown this week.

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Jire Khursani 300 episode celebration continues …

In continuation to Jire Khursani’s 300-episodes celebration, the recent event was was a big event in Everest Hotel. The the event, Jire Khursani team and various actors and technicians were recognized for their talent.

jire-khursani -everest-hotel

Comedy tele-serial Jire Khursani celebrated its 300th episode on Monday. The teleserial directed by Jitu Nepal and Shiva Hari Poudel is being shown in Nepal Television for the last six years. Last week, the serial team performed in a stage program for the disabled children of Navajiwan Kendra to mark the event. This week’s episode was the recording of the same.

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Jire Khursani completed 6 year and 300 episodes

UPDATE: The video of the program is posted here.

Comedy serial Jire Khursani has completed 6 years in Nepali Television. The weekly comedy serial has been one of the most popular comedy serial for its satire to the social and political environment in the country.

To celebrate its birthday, the comedy actors went to Khagendra Navajiwan Special School in Jorpati, Kathmandu to entertain the disabled children.

The director of Jire Khursani, Jitu Nepal, told that they did the program in their own cost to share their happiness with the not-so-lucky disabled children.


Apart from the team of Jire Khursani, actors of another comedy serial, Meri Bassai, also participated in the program to make it even more interesting.
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Deepa Shree Niraula – would like her husband to be like Dipak Raj Giri

deepa shree & deepak Raj You seems very busy these days.

– Yes we are busy these days. We have to go here and there for the shooting. Specially, Tito Satya consumes the most of the time.

Isn’t it difficult to prepare new stuffs for Tito Satya every week?

– Yes it is. We are analyzing the current social and political situation. To present all these stuffs in satirical form is difficult. But, all because of Tito Satya’s backbone, Deepak Raj Giri, we have been successful so far.

I have heard that it was very difficult for you people to start Tito Satya, was it so?

– Yes. The dummy we made and presented in Nepal Television was rejected many times. For this reason, I had cried a lot. But later, Sambhujit Baskota realized that we can do the job and wanted to give us an opportunity. After that, we never looked back. The credibility of the success of Tito Satya also goes to Sambhujit Baskota.
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Happy Birthday Daman Rupakheti!

daman-happy-birthday-35 Daman_rupakheti

Daman Rupakheti has turned 35 on Sunday, July 11.

Happy Birthday Daman!

Daman was the Concept maker of Meri Bassai who later left the popular tele-serial to make a new comedy serial, Jhayikuti Jhayi.

Daman had recently returned from Malaysia where he had done a stage program.  He went to Malaysia with his partner Sekhar Khanal, where he had also shot some parts of Jhayikuti Jhai.

On his birthday Daman told, “I have eaten 35 pinda.” In Nepali, pinda is a food offered yearly by the son of the deceased during a special memorial ceremony.

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Santosh Panta – I paved road of comedy

After 12 years of ruling the comedy arena of Nepal Television, Hijo Aajaka Kura, the actor is highly inactive after the show stopped. “The show had to stop due to the political change, that I didn’t expect,” said Santosh Pant.


The show previously named “Aaja Bholi ka Kura” was renamed “‘Hijo Aajaka Kura” after 17th show, which continued up to 565 shows.

Santosh proudly says that he had established the “paved road” of comedy in Nepal, but the current comedy artists are digging the road and are making it similar to the current democracy in Nepal, with bumps everywhere.

By the age of nine, there wasn’t a limb he hadn’t managed to break. The child who acted on the stage from the tender age of three, and bagged gold medals awarded by the then late King Mahendra at the age of seven later grew up to be a well-known actor and a comedian. He has participated in a lot of awareness programs, acted in a whole lot of films as well as produced one of the most popular serials “‘Hijo Aajaka Kura” on Nepal TV.

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Nirmal Sharma – I love being called Gaida

Known as Gaida in Tito Satya serial, Nirmal Sharma has established himself as a comedy actor. Nirmal started acting in advertisemetns and movies before coming to small screen. Apart from acting he is running a restaurant in Lazimpat, Kathmandu. Saptahik weekly met him in his restaurant to ask a few question.

In spite of being a comedy actor, why are you serious ?

Yes, my face doesn’t show feelings. My face remains same during happiness and sorrow. So, I don’t consider myself an actor. Deepak has made an actor our of a person like me. This is an example of how a good director can make actor out of anybody. It is not only Deepak Raj Giri, Dinesh DC is also a good director.

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Meri Bassai team mourned on the failure of Constitutional Assembly to draft the Constitution

The following photo shows the Meri Bassai team mourning on the failure of Constitutional Assembly to draft the Constitution. Featured are: Magne Budha (Kedar Ghimire), Dhrumus (Sitaram Kattel), Bandre (Suraj Chapagain), Suntali (Kunjana Ghimire).

निश्चित मितिमा संविधान नबन्ने पक्का भएपछि हास्य टेलिशृङ्खला मेरी बास्सैका माग्नेबूढा केदार घिमिरेले मंगलबार एक वर्षदेखि पालिरहेको कपाल र दाह्री खौरिए भने उनको कसममा साथ दिँदै सीताराम कट्टेल (धुमुर्स) र सुरज चापागाईं (बान्द्रे) ले पनि दाह्री र कपाल खौरिई सेतो कपडा बाँधे । कुञ्जना घिमिरे (सुन्तली) ले सेतो पहिरन लगाइन् ।
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Dhurumus, Sitaram Kattel – Interview

Dhurmus and Suntali
Suntali and Dhurmus

Comedy actor Sitaram Kattel, popularly known as Dhurmus in Meri Bassai, talks about his career.

० आज भोलि कता ब्यस्त ?
– धेरैजसो स्टेज कार्यक्रममै ब्यस्त छौं । मेरी बास्सैको सुटिङ त मुख्य भैहाल्यो ।

० स्टेज कार्यक्रममा धेरै ब्यस्त भएजस्तो छ नि ?

– हो, महिनामा धेरै जसो जिल्ला बाहिर नै हुन्छौं । अनि बेलाबखत देश बाहिरका कार्यक्रममा पनि सहभागी भै नै रहेका छौं ।

० डिमाण्ड निक्कै बढे जस्तो छ ?
– मेरी वास्सै टिपीकल गाँउले कथामा आधारित छ । यसका दर्शक गाँउमा धेरै छन् । उपत्यका बाहिर सर्वाधिक मन पराइएको कार्यक्रम पनि हो यो । त्यसैले दर्शकको डिमाण्ड अनुसार जिल्लाका कार्यक्रम बढी बोलाउने गर्छन ।
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Kunjani Ghimire (Suntali) – ‘म राम्रो नाच्छु’

Comedy actress Kunjana Ghimire, popularly known as Suntali in Meri Bassai, talks about her general preferences.

० कता व्यस्त हुनुहुन्छ आजकल ?
– मेरी वास्सै बाहेक स्टेज कार्यक्रमा पनि व्यस्त भइन्छ । साथै साथीसाग मनका कुरा नामक रेडियो नाटकमा पनि काम गर्दैछु ।

० स्टेज शोबाट त आर्थिक स्थिति सुदृढ होला नि ?
– देश विदेश घुमिएको छ । खान लाउनका लागि राम्रोसाग पुगेको छ ।
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Nirmal Sharma (Gaida)

Nirmal Sharma, 39, is another most popular actor in the popular TV serial by Deepak Raj Giri, Tito Satya. While doing the role of Dipak Raj Giri’s boss in the said serial, Sharma had to play an arrogant senior officer. One day, when Sharma shouts at Dipak Raj Giri, he gets mad at Sharma and […]

Deepak Raj Giri – Nepali Comedian

Deepak Raj Giri is one of the finest comedy actor of Nepal. He has proved his ability in the stream of comedy TV serials and some feature films he has acted in. His most famous and publically appreciable telifilm is “Titto Satya’. Tito Satya is considered one of the most successful satirical comedy series in […]