Twakka Tukka Returns – Episode 69

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A presentation of AD Release Pvt Ltd. comedy serial ‘Twakka Tukka Returns’ is a comedy program by Dinesh DC. The serial is aired on Kantipur TV Every Friday at 7:30pm. The previous edition of the serial was very popular in Nepal television. Most of the comedy actors of this time were introduced by the program in the pas.t
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New Comedy Serial – Churifuri (Part 2)

A new comedy serial by Classic Frame featuring artists Uttam Aryal kode and Ram Thapa. The lyrics is written by Laxman Tiwari, music by Bhim Bista (Shirish), vocal by Ram and Bhim. The background music composed by Sanjay Shrestha. Costume by Suman Shrestha

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Twakka Tukka – Dinesh DC comedy show (Dec 26, 2018)

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AD Release Pvt Ltd. Presentation comedy serial ‘Twakka Tukka Returns’ by Dinesh DC. The serial is aired on Kantipur TV Every Friday at 7:30pm

The comedy program features Haha Yoyo Mahadev Triphati (Premcharo, Jadugar), Sivashankhar Rijal Jogindar, Surendra KC Mulako Sag, Gopal Dhakal (Chhande, Mr Funny), Sushila Niroula Bimli, Ashim Suresh, Janak Khadka, Giri Raj , Yesoda Giri, Binod Pariyar

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New Comedy Serial – Churifuri

This is a new comedy web serail in Highlights Nepal. A presentation of Classic Frame, the comedy featurs Kode (Uttam Aryal) and other well known comedy actors.

Enjoy the first

Classic Frame Presents a new Nepali Comedy Serial Churifuri. Featuring artist: Ram Thapa, Uttam Aryal (Kode), Laxman Tiwari, Sujan Lama (D.M.G), Sukriya Shrestha, Sabnam Dahal, Sudhan Dhital, Dilaram Sapkota, Ram Kumar K.C, Saru Shilpakar, Soniya K.C etc.
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Web serial – JT Don (Episode 1)

New types of web serials are being made by different people in these days. Basanta Pokharel has started anew serial titled ‘JT Don’. The comedy serial is going to be made in a 52-parts serial. The serial is about a guy who is very afraid of his wife. There is another guy who hasn’t found […]

Twakka Tukka – Episode 66 (2018)

AD Release Pvt Ltd. Presents TWAKKA TUKKA RETURN in Kantipur TV Every Friday at 7:30pm. This is the online version of today’s comedy program by Dinesh DC: Watch the video Twakka Tukka Returns – Episode 66 | New Nepali Comedy TV Serial 2018 Ft. Dinesh DC Name: Twakka Tukka Returns Type: Comedy Haha Yoyo Mahadev […]

Honey – 3 Parts Comedy Web Serial

Title – Honey
Type – Web serial
Starring – Bimala Giri, Raju Yakacha, Resham Budhathoki, Simran Chauhan, Ramesh Budhathoki, Shreya G M, Amrit Shrestha

In the past, comedy serials were only shown in TV. These days, because of the popularity of video hosting sites like YouTube, web series are being produced. This is one of the comedy web series by popular web channel NK TV. Please comment on the story and the quality of the web serial.

Part 1

Part 2
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Friday Face – Pramita RL Rana

Paramita Tania Parker Rl Rana
A model, actress and singer
Height – 5’7″
Birthday – 2/10/1993
Horoscope – Libra?
Debut movie – Chapali Height 2

– 1st runner up at classic jwellers 2014
– 1st runner up (Face Of Nepal)

In her childhood, she wanted to be an astronaut. But, after she grew up, she was more attracted to modelling than in science.

Celebrity Family of Parmita

Paramita RL Rana’s mother Riya Rana is one of the first-generation supermodels of Nepal.
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Twakka Tukka Returns (Episode 60 to 64) December 22, 2017

The popular comedy program, ‘Twakka Tukka Returns’ is the second session of one of the first comedy serials in Nepal television. The popular comedy program established a lot of comedy actors including Deepak Raj Giri, Jitu Nepal etc in the comedy programs.

Watch the Episode 64

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Sushma Karki, hot bikini photo shot, interview about Salman Khan meet

Actress Sushma Karki is known as the hottest actress in the Nepali film industry. Sushma had recently done a video shot in a five star hotel in Kathmandu. The bikini shot at the swimming pool was also the topic of news discussion. I had written a report about Sushma Karki’s gossips a while ago. I have updated the post with the latest report (December 2017)

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  • Sushma Karki beer belly scandal
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  • Sushma Karki wardrobe malfunction
  • Sushma Karki interview on her meeting Salman Khan (2017)

Actress and model Sushma Karki is always on the top when gossip and scandals are considered. Sushma’s boyfriend scandals, Sushma Karki tattoo scandal, and Sushma Karki photo scandals are some of the most popular scandals on the actress.

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Serial – Parichaya (Episode 11 – 15), December 17, 2017

A presentation of Sarswati Creation Pvt. Ltd. and directed by Rishi lamichhane, the serial ‘Parichaya’ is produced by Sarita Lamichhane and Samriddee lamichhane. The editor of the serial is Nabin Niraula, script writer is Shibam Adhikari, cameraman is Rameshowar Humagain. Story written by Sarita lamichhane, music by Laxman Shesh, vocal of Ramkrishna Dhakal and Sapana Shree. The title design by Pema T Lama, make-up by Samsher Lama.

The artists in the serial are Saroj Khanal,Sarita Lamichhane,Raju Bhuju,Kabita Gelal Sharma, RP Panta, Goma kc, Barsha Raut,Sunil katwal, D. B. Bomjon, Govinda Rai,Jasmin Khadka, Gaurav Pravas etc.

The Chief Asst. Director is Lalit Bista and the production controllers are rajendra Giri and Yashoda Giri.

Enjoy the Episode 15.

If you haven’t watched the previous episodes here are other episodes:

Episode 14:
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