Comedy Serial – Feri Arok Chartikala, 10 to 5, Dec 17 (Rajani KC, Niramal Sharma)

A new and interesting comedy serial in AP1 HD Television, a presentation of SP Pictures, ‘Ferio Arko Chartikala’ is directed by Kamal Kant Mainali and Nirmal Sharma. The co-ordinator of the serial is actress Rajani KC.

The script is writen by Kamal Kant Mainali, lyrics by Shantipriya, music by Dipak Sharma, background score by Manoj Rajbhandari, singer and arranger is James Pradhan. The editor of the serial is Madhu Sanjel, camera by Shree Ram Aryal, make up by Muna, light by Krishna, Hritik, Sajan, and Jiwan. The guest artist in the serial is Uttam KC.

The artists in the serial are Rabi Sharma Ghato, Kamal Mainali, Keshab Bhattarai, Nirmal Sharma, Mukunda Mainali, Rajni KC, Sunita Thakur, Rameshwor KC, Snadeep Shahi, Rachita Chhetri, Mani Raj Gautam, Sushma Tamang, Puja Lohar

Watch the full serial:
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What is Marshmello scandal in Nepal?

Marshmello is a US musician and DJ. The guy wears a mask like a marshmallow on his head and real face of the guy is not known. Nobody knows what he looks like.

Details of what had happend:

Marshello was scheduled to perform at Club Deja Vu in Kathmandu on December 13, 2017.

His team told that he had arrived in Kathmandu (nobody know for sure), but fell sick on the day of performance. People were waiting at the club but he didn’t show up. It was at around 2AM on December 14 the announcer told that the DJ has cancelled the show.

After the announcement, the people in the club got angry. They started breaking up things at the club.

The organizers had reportedly sold 7000 tickets although the capacity of the hall was only 3,500 people.
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Bhadragol, December 15, 2017

This is Bhadragol’s 150th Episode. It was aired on Friday, 15th December 2017 on Nepal Television at 8:50 PM.

Bhadragol is a Nepali comedy TV serial shown every Friday on Nepal Television. One of the most viewed television programs in Nepal, the show is produced by Jpt Creation. The actors
Kumar Katel and Arjun Ghimire are the writers and the directors of the show. The story is set in a rural setting showing the lifestyle of the lower middle class people in Nepal.The actors in the show are Arjun Ghimire, Kumar Katel, Rakshya Shrestha, Hari Niraula and Sagar Lamsal in main roles.
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Why did Reema BK divorce?

Ramailo Chha journalist has asked Reema about the divorce. In the interview Reema has told that she has divorced because she couldn’t live with her husband. She has told that they have mutually agreed to live separately.

Talking about her ex-husband’s engagement with Barsha Rasaily, Reema said that she is happy by the news and wished them a happy married life. She also asked the viewers not to make any judgement about them.
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Bhadragol – December 11, 2017

Popular comedy serial ‘Bhadragol’ was shown in NTV. Click on the following link to watch the full episode Incoming search terms:bhadrolgolbhadargolbhdragol2018 vadragolbhadargol vag 215 hdbhadra goalbhadragoal 219Bhadragol videosbhadrogolHOT GHARBETI chori comedy