Bandre to direct a movie named ‘Mero School’

The well known character of ‘Meri Bassai‘, Bandre, is going to direct a movie. Bandre (Suraj Chapagain) had been active in the serial for the last eight years as the character of the brother-in-law of Magne Budho. He is better known as Bandre after the character in the serial than his real name Suraj.

bandre - suraj chapagai

Bandre’s debut film as a director is titled ‘Mero School’ and is being made on comedy theme. Suraj says that he is in the process of making acting and direction his profession. In addition to directing the movie Suraj has written the story, script and dialogue of the movie.

The shooting of ‘Mero School’ is scheduled to start on Jestha. In addition to directing, he will also be featured in leading role. Other artists in the film are Surbir Pandit (dari ba), Sarita Oli, Rajesh Nath and Laxman Poudel. The movie is  expected to cost Rs. 2.8 million. The movie will be shot in area in and around Kathmandu.

In the past Suraj had produced movies like Sisnopani, Loadshedding and Gadi No. 420.

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