Jun 172016

Popular comedy serial ‘Bhadragol’ was shown in NTV. Highlights of this episode:

  • Pandye tries to sell Dhrma Raj’s cow and get a commission of the sale.
  • Rame increases the price of milk. Bilase get worried about the milk price.
  • Pandye convinces Bilase buy a Dharma Raj’s sick cow.
  • Pandy got Rs. 10,000 in commission to sell the sick cow.
  • It is funny what Bilase did when he knew that the cow is sick.
  • Jigri starts a job for Rakchhya.
  • Rakchhya didn’t like when she saw Jigri with Pandye for a funny reason.


Click on the following link to watch the full episode


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  1. I want to contact bhadragol team..

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