Dec 102015

After weeks of the permanent closure of ‘Tito Satya’ other comedy serials have also been halted in Nepal Television. The company responsible to deal with the television, Media Hub, has failed to pay the agreement amount forcing the channel to stop the broadcast of the serials.

Video report:

In earlier reports, the company hadn’t paid millions of rupees to the serial producers. The closure of ‘Tito Satya’ was also because of the failure of the company to pay the agreed amount. Blaming the earthquake and the Indian blockade, Media Hub has asked Nepal television to reduce the agreement amount to show its serials in the television channel.

serials close

The blame to earthquake and blockade is unfounded because, the company had previously freezed the payments to the serial producers one year before earthquake. After months-long tussle, the serial producers had agreed to reduce the payable and resumed the production of the serials.

A month before the April 2015 earthquake, Media Hub had acquired the rights of ‘Jire Khursani’ and ‘Bhadragol’ after the previous company proved to be a fraud. .

The March 2015 report on the resumption of ‘Bhadragol’ and ‘Jire Khursani’:

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  1. please end the issue and resume the serial…we miss it!!!

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