Mar 172016

This program was shown in Himalaya TV. Highlights of this program:

  • Bhuwan KC is happy because of the success of his new movie ‘Dreams’.
  • Bhuwan KC talks about how his son Anmol became so popular.
  • Bhuwan talks in detail about the movie ‘Dream’.
  • Why are Anmol’s movies successful? Bhuwan explains the reasons
  • By the success of ‘Dreams’ Bhuwan KC is confident that there is huge scope of good movies in Nepal.
  • Rishi Dhamala and Bhuwan KC discuss about Nepali movies being copies of Bollywood movies.
  • Bhuwan also talks about his relationship with Anmol’s mother Susmita. These days, Susmita and Bhuwan don’t even talk in phone.
  • Bhuwan KC says Susmita wanted divorce, he didn’t.
  • Rishi asks Bhuwan about his relationship with Jiya KC. Bhuwan give a diplomatic answer.

Dhamala Ko Hamala

Watch the full program

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