Binita Baral movie Superhit trailer, Trailer Tuesday

On Trailer Tuesday, this week, we are presenting the trailer of upcoming movie of actress Binita Baral, ‘Superhit’. The actress who was the talk of the town after the success of ‘Chapali Height’ became virtually unknown after the failure of her second movie ‘Full Stop’.

binita baral in superhit trailer

Binita started the third movie ‘Superhit’ and also fell in love with one of the directors of the movie, Niranjan Pandey. They also teamed up to start organic farming in Kathmandu. After that, they were more focused in organic agriculture business than in the movie. The movie ‘Superhit’ was in post-production for years before the trailer was released now.

The movie ‘Superhit’ is a presentation of Moviez Infinity Creation gand Arun Thapa. Actors Gaurabh and Manonranjan are the new entries in the movie.

The movie is scheduled to release on February 5, 2016 (Magh 22, 2072).

The movie is made on the concept, script, dialogue and screenplay of Niranjan Pandey, Saurabh Dhakal and Binita Baral. The directors are Niranjan and Saurabh.


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