Bir Bikram film, Dayahang Rai craze seen in theaters

Nepali movie ‘Bir Bikram’ was released this Thursday on August 18, 2016. The movie ‘Bir Bikram’ features Dayahang Rai, Anoop Bikram Shahi and new actress Diya Pun in leading roles.

dayahnag rai bir bikram theater

Dayahng Rai is a well established actor in Nepali film industry. His stardom was also seen in the movie. The movie did a very good opening. During his visit to theaters, some viewers even carried Dayahang Rai and others took selfies with him.

The director Milan Chams was happy by the response of the viewers. The actress Diya Pun who had debuted in the movie is also very happy by the response.

anoop bikram shahi in theater bir bikram film

diya pun at hall bir bikram film

Watch ‘Bir Bikram’ trailer:

Bir Bikram release news at xnepali

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