Mar 292017
बले र कक्रोच अमेरिका पुगे - प्रश्न उही - फर्कलान त ? Bhadragol Bale and Cockroach USA tour

Highlights of this video: The well known actors of ‘Bhadragol’ , Bale and Cockroach have gone to the USA for a month long travel. A lot of Nepali artists haven’t returned back from the USA and the question is raised again.. Will Bale return back to Nepal? Will Cockroach return back to Nepal?

Mar 142017
होलीमा भुवन र जिया - सम्बन्धमा खुलाउँदै - Bhuwan KC embrace Jiya KC in Holi

Highlights of this video: Bhuwan KC and Jiya KC don’t admit their relationships but Jiya often shares photos of them together. In Dashain, she was seen at Bhuwan’s home with his parents and his son Anmol KC. … Jiya was the only person out of the family – indicating she has already been one of […]

Feb 142017
केकी र नाजिर को प्रेम राज्जा रानीमा गुलाफको फुल देखि बेलुन सम्म - Keki Adhikari Najir Hussain love

Highlights of this video: Keki Adhikari and Najir Hussain showed their love to each other on the announcement ceremony of Rajja Rani. Keki is being featured as a Madheshi girl. Keki and Najir are in love and get married in the movie.

Feb 132017
ऐतिहासिक प्रेम कथा - राजेश हमालका माता पिताको Rajesh Hamal Parents' Love Story

Highlights of this video: On Valentine Day, I am presenting a very interesting love story of the parents of the Nepali superstar, Rajesh Hamal. Rajesh Hamal’s parents fell in love some 60 years ago. At that time love marriage was rare and wasn’t accepted by families and society. Rajesh Hamal’s father Chura Bahadur Hamal (Chuda […]

Feb 032017
दिपकले दिपाको जीवन हिट बनाउन, ६४ नम्बरको कार उपहार - Deepa Shree Niraula Chhaka Panja car

Highlights of this video: The ‘Chhaka Panja’ production team – specially Deepak Raj Giri has presented the director of he movie and one of the producers of the movie, Deepa Shree Niraual a car – The number of the car also has a six in it (like all the movies they have made so far […]

Jan 302017
अन्तेष्टिमा नदेखिएकी यमबुद्धकी श्रिमती को हुन ? Who is the wife of Yama Buddha

Highlights of this video: It is a very sad time for the wife of Yama Buddha. Losing the loving husband who she married after a lengthy love affair is surely a heart breaking moment. She should be shocked and mourning in UK as she wasn’t seen in the Pashupati Aryaghat. Incoming search terms:who is the […]

Jan 272017
हेर्नुस प्रियंकाका पूर्वपतिले बिहे गर्ने केटी कस्ति छिन? Priyanka ex Rochak marriage (EXCLUSIVE)

Highlights of this video: These are the exclusive photos of the engagement of Priyanka Karki’s ex-husband Rochak Mainali. Compare who is beautiful – Priyanka Karki or Anshuma Kharel? Incoming search terms:anshuma kharelchaka panjas responsesSurbina karki telephone numberpriyanka karki beautifulpriyanka karki and nisha adhikaripriya karki dekhnaprira kariki dehkanadeepa shree niraula new photoschaka panga napal actressSushila Karki […]

Jan 272017
यम बुद्धको आत्महत्या मा आशंका बेलायतको पत्रिका डेलि मेलको रिपोर्ट बाझियो - Yama Buddha Anil Adhikari

Highlights of this video: Yama Buddha being brought to Kathmandu. Yama Buddha is being brought to Nepal on January 28, 2017 for the last rituals. The arrival is scheduled at 3:00 PM. He will be kept in Pragya Bhawan for the public display. In the evening the last rituals will be done in Pashupati Aryaghat.

Jan 262017
पूर्व पतिको विहाह, प्रियंका बेहोस - Priyanka Kaarki ex-marrying in USA, she fainted in Radhey set

Highlights of this video: Rochak Mainali is going to marry Anshuma Kharel in the USA. Priyanka Karki was recently in Kalinchowk of Dolkha for the shooting of a song of ‘Radhey’. According to the producer of the movie, Sushil Pokharel, Priyanka had fainted during the shooting. Another report says that she recovered after 10 minutes […]

Jan 262017
अति हँसाउने बान्द्रेको "मेरी स्वास्नी", माग्ने बुढोको सालोले कुटाइ खाने कविता Bandre poem My Wife

Highlights of this video: Suraj Chapagain, popularly known as Bandre, after the character he played in popular serial ‘Meri Bassai’. The actor ha told a poem 5 years ago. At that time he wasn’t married but he wrote a poem titled “my wife”. Now, he go t married last month, the poem however doesn’t relate […]