Jun 152017
झरना थापा पनि पलायन ग्रिन कार्ड लिएर अमेरिका - Jharana Thapa USA green card

Highlights of this video: The well known actress of the Nepali film industry, Jharana Thapa, has become one more Nepali film artist to leave Nepal. She has reportedly obtained the Green Card and has permanently moved to the USA. Although Jharana Thapa and her family is yet to confirm the report, the online version of […]

May 252017
३३ बर्ष दोस्ती, बुढेसकालमा बिहे, मिथिला शर्माको प्रेम कथा mithila sharma love story

Highlights of this video: Mithila Sharma and Motilal Bohora got married in 2014. At that time, Mithila was 51 years old and Motilal Bohora was 68 years old. They knew each others for about 33 years. They were good friends. Affair – may be. But, Motilal Bohora was married at that time. So, Mithila decided […]

May 212017
निखिल र कोपिला को चोर पुलिस खेल सार्वजनिक कार्यक्रममा - nikhl upreti kopila problem

Highlights of this video: When Nikhil Upreti’s first wife, Kopila Upreti showed up unannounced during the announcement of Nikhil’s next movie Commitment 60 hours, he was really shocked. While Kopila wanted have a talk with him, Nikhil wasn’t in the mood to meet her. He asked his assistants to shoo her away. Kopila wasn’t event […]

May 172017
स्टारडम जोगाउन तालमेल - रेखाको फिल्ममा आर्यन कसरी ? Aryan Sigdel in Rekha film Rudra Priya

Aryan Sigdel in Rekha film Rudra Priya Highlights of this video: It seems like a political coalition during the election – the coalition between Rekha Thapa and Aryan Sigdel is an attempt to save the dwindling stardom of Rekha Thapa. Aryan is one of the top actors of the film industry — In the other […]

May 152017
करिश्माको घरायसी झगडा फेसबुकमा, पतिलाइ किन तानाशाही भनिन? Karishma Manandhar anger

Highlights of this video: Karishma Manandhar has shared a Facebook status about her dissatisfaction with her husband Binod Manandhar. Karishma was angry because she couldn’t vote in the local election this year. That was because, her name is in the voter’s list of Rajbiraj not Kathmandu where she lives permanently. She told that although Binod […]

Apr 272017
अदिती, नम्रता देखि आयुष्मान सम्मका आमाहरु - Mothers Day special

Highlights of this video: Mother of Aditi Budhathoki Mother of Meruna Magar Mother of Namrata Shrestha Mother of Anmol KC, Rekha Thapa mother Incoming search terms:www nepal jotimagar xis comniti shah xnxxnepalxxreakhathapanepali xnxx com jyoti magarnepali reil xnxx 2017nepali kiran yadav xnxxnepal xnxxnapali sxnxxnamrat shrestha hot xnxxcxnxx video of priyanka thapa

Apr 272017
नम्रताले बिहे गर्दै - २ चोटि सगरमाथा चढेका दावा स्टिभन शेर्पासंग ? Dawa Steven Shearpa and Namrata

Highlights of this video: Nepali Actress Namrata Shrestha is in deep love with Nepali entrepreneur Dawa Steven Sherpa . If rumours are to be believed, they are getting married in a year. Who is Dawa? – He has scaled Mt. Everest twice. He was born in March 1984 – graduated from Heriot-Watt University Scotland with […]

Apr 162017
एक्लुसिभ - प्रेम हनिमुन प्रियंका र आयुष्मानको पोखरामा, Priyanka Aayushman in Pokhara

Highlights of this video: Priyanka Karki and Ayushma Desraj were seen in Pokhara. Looks like nobody is accompanying them in their pokhara tour. It seems like a love honeymoon. Incoming search terms:bhai nepalimo videoNepali actresses Priyanka karki chhaka panganepali hot photoprenka karki new song mp3priyanka aayusmanpriyanka and aayushmanwww priyanka karki all nepali mp3 com

Apr 092017
ब्वाइफ्रेण्ड फेर्न माहिर प्रियंका कार्कीका ब्वाइफ्रेण्ड को को थिए? Priyanka Karki Boyfriends

Highlights of this video: Priyanka Karki is known for her unstable relationship. There were rumours of Priyanka’s affairs with other artists before her marriage in 2010. But, the affair changing boyfriends. Incoming search terms:priyanka karki boyfriend

Apr 062017
सामान हराउँदा खुशि लाग्न थाल्या छ - धुर्मुस सुन्तलिको प्रेम कथा सुने पछि - Dhurmus Suntali

Highlights of this video: There was a sad incident in Suntali’s life – that strengthened and helped Dhurmus and Suntali to get closer. Every bad incident have something better in sleeves for you. Enjoy every moment and hope for the best. Dhurmus’ gift to Suntali changed the way they saw each other and they ultimately […]

Mar 302017
साम्राज्ञीको बोल्ड अवतार चल्यो - Samragyee RL Shah sexy Avatar in A Mero Hajur 2

Highlights of this video: The actress debuting as a director in ‘A Mero Hajur 2’, Jharana Thapa celebrated her birthday on March 26, 2016. During the celebration of the director, the release date of the movie was announced and a song was released online. The movie is going to release on September 1, 2017 (that […]

Mar 292017
बले र कक्रोच अमेरिका पुगे - प्रश्न उही - फर्कलान त ? Bhadragol Bale and Cockroach USA tour

Highlights of this video: The well known actors of ‘Bhadragol’ , Bale and Cockroach have gone to the USA for a month long travel. A lot of Nepali artists haven’t returned back from the USA and the question is raised again.. Will Bale return back to Nepal? Will Cockroach return back to Nepal? Incoming search […]

Mar 272017
प्रियंकालाइ के भयो, फेरि ढलिन, चौथो पटक? Priyanka Karki fainted again

Highlights of this video: For the fourth time, Priyanka Karki has fainted in the shooting location. She was shooting a music video. Priyanka had fainted in ‘Aawaran’ film shooting. ‘How Funny’ film shooting. ‘Radhe’ film shooting. Music video shooting. Incoming search terms:priyanka karki hot photo

Mar 262017
संचिता र निखिलका छोरा छोरी कस्ता भए ? Sanchita and Nikhil children

Highlights of this video: The son and daughter of Nikhil Upreti and Sanchita are now 4 and 5 years old. Biography of Sanchita Luitel. Love story of Nikhil and Sanchita. Marriage with Aakash Shah and divorce. Mumbai and Nepal. Comeback. Music video modeling Incoming search terms:www nikhil upreti new movie incoming 2017

Mar 142017
होलीमा भुवन र जिया - सम्बन्धमा खुलाउँदै - Bhuwan KC embrace Jiya KC in Holi

Highlights of this video: Bhuwan KC and Jiya KC don’t admit their relationships but Jiya often shares photos of them together. In Dashain, she was seen at Bhuwan’s home with his parents and his son Anmol KC. … Jiya was the only person out of the family – indicating she has already been one of […]

Feb 262017
उशु खेलाडी हेमन्त राना कसरी गायक बने ? Hemanta Rana Biography

Highlights of this video: This is a short introduction of Hemanta Rana. A journey of a Wushu player towards a successful singer. His hit songs of the past and the present. Incoming search terms:hemanta rana biographyhemant rana biographyhemanta rana wikipediabiography of hemant ranahemant rana wikihemanta rana biodataSapna Paneru XNXX HD Videos Comwww Heamant Rana Wikipedia […]