Rekha Thapa and Prachanda worship in Chhath. What is Chhath Festival?

Chhath concludes today with ritualistic offerings to the Sun God. On the last day of the festival devotees offered Argha (curd) to the Sun God. The prime minister Prachanda also offered puja to the god.

During the festival, the setting sun and the rising sun are at the banks of rivers and ponds. the people usually living in the Terai region. People offer sweets, fruits, vegetables, vermillion powder, garlands and other delicacies made in their houses to the god.

All the people wether poor, rich, upper, middle, lower classes people gather at the same location to offer prayers to the Sun God is also the symbolist representation that everyone is equal in the eyes of God.


Rekha Thapa

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Remembering Dashain, Top 5 celebrity photos of last year

Highlights of this video:

  • Karishma Manandhar – shows the pain of Indian Blockade.
  • Dilip Rayamajhi’s Daughter’s photo – shows the Nepali culture and tradition.
  • KP Oli’s Dashain photo shows the political concern of Nepalipeople.
  • Rishi Dhamala photo shows his popularity and the our sexual eyes.


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Top 5 Teej songs of 2015

I have collected the top 5 Teej Songs of 2015. The songs are:

* Bhurungai Nacheko Jasari by Juna Shrish and Arjun Khadka
* 12 Baje Rati by Gopal Nepal and Purnakala BC
* Teej Ma Sangai Nachaula by Salman and Devi Gharti
* Australia Mera Budha Cool by Manju Poudel and Ramchandra Kafle
* Aaipugyo Teej by Manju Poudel

Please watch the songs and suggest other songs. If you think other songs need to be included in this playlist please comment.

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Nepali top five Teej songs of 2015

Teej is around the corner. Here are some of the selected Teej songs for you to be prepared to hit the floor on the yearly festival.

teej songs

Teej is a women festival of fun, music and dance. These days, men have also started singing and dancing in Teej songs. The festival is one of the most important cultural events in Nepal. After Dashain and Tihar, Teej considered the third largest festival in Nepal.

Here are some songs to enjoy Teej festival.

Hottest song of 2015 – Jyoti Magar video:

Kanyaideu — Sushma Karki’s double meaning Teej song.
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Comedy artists celebrate Holi in Blue Diamond Comedy Tour

The comedy artists currently in the Blue Diamond Comedy Tour 2070 have celebrated Holi 2014 in Kapilbastu area. The actors including Deepak Raj Giri, Deepa Shree Niraula, Milan Amatya, Byaman, Mulako Saag etc.

holi 2014 - deepak deepa milan amatya (1)

The comedy artists are currently in Kapalbastu area. The artists had already done programs in cities like Chitwan, Nepalgung, Tikapur, Lamki, Butwal, Dadeldhura, Mahendranagar. The tour continues in various cities like Birgunj, Hetauda, Ratnagar etc.

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Badmas Komal Oli – Teej song 2010

Komal Oli makes news every Teej with controversial songs. A couple of years back she wanted to elope with somebody and she sang and danced – “Poila Jana Pam….”. But, she couldn’t find a suitable person to get married to. Then last year she asked for a suitable person with courage and money, by singing, “Gojima Gaath Bhako, Maanam Aat Bhako….”. She couldn’t find such person either. Then this year she got angry with the god worshiped on Teej, Shivaji.

When Komal Oli named-called Lord Shiva a Badmas, the officials of Nepal TV felt like she was name-calling themselves. The promo video was banned in the TV.

Let’s listen the song and decide ourselves – does the song, “Dhaterika Shiva ji raichau badamas” qualifies itself to be banned?
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