Maha Comedy Serial Sur Besur

Highlights of this comedy serial:

  • In this comedy serial Madan Krishna is a Music teacher.
  • Rajaram Poudel is a politician of Nepal (a rich person) .
  • Haribansa Acharya is the son of the politician, Rajaram Poudel.
  • Haribansa plays a spoiled youth’s role who steals chicken and other stuffs.
  • He always lies to his dad telling that he had participated in a race composition and won those stollen stuffs.
  • His dad believe him and approves his bad habits.

Maha Serial

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MaHa Kantipur, comedy telefilm

This is a very funny and interesting comedy telefilm by the comedy duo – Madan krishna Shrestha and Hari Bamsha Acharya (MaHa). The sighlights of this serial:

  • A funny incident – why did Hari Bansha came back home without bringing vegetables.
  • It’s funny why the people came to Haribansa’s house and were angry at him?
  • Haribansa’s daughter-in-law is sad about her house.
  • When Haribansa’s neighbour’s cow died he was mad at Haribansa.
  • What is the reason Hari Bansha’s stafs want holiday?
  • Why Haribansa can’t go to the hospital when his grandson was sick?
  • What happened to Haribansa’s grandson when Haribansa reached the hospital?


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Maha’s Telifilm ‘Jalpari’

Highlights of this serial:

  • What happened when Kumari took a picture of Jalpari and others view it?
  • Why did Jalpari take Kumari to her house?
  • Why did Kumari think Jalpari’s dad is a women?
  • What did Kumari do when he go to Jalpari’s house?
  • Why did Jalpari’s parents want to go to Kumari’s house?
  • What happened when Jalpari’s parents reached Khatmandu, Kumari home area?
  • Why did they change their minds and they didn’t want to go to Kumari’s house?
  • What happend when Kumari went in search Jalpari’e parents?
  • How did Kumari and his family connivence Jalpari’s parents?


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Maha Jatra Dallas Texas 2014

– This program was shown in .
– This program started from San Francisco on september 20.
– The Title is Maha Jatra .
– Madan Krishna Shrestha, Hari Bansha Acharta are accompanied by other popular artists like Kiran KC, Bssundhara Bhusal,
Shivahari Poudel, Mohit Acharya and Yaman Shrestha.
– Rabi Lamichhane is hosting the performances.
– The actors has finished program in Dallas Texas.


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Madan Krishna Shrestha in Tough Talk

Comedy actor and Ma of MaHa, Madan Krishna Shrestha went through a complicated surgery to cure Parkinson’s disease. Madan Krishna was having tough time in acting and living because of the disease. After the surgery he has regained the movements of his hands and feet.

tough talk with madan krishna shrestha

In the following interview with Dil Bhushan Pathak in popular talk show ‘Tough Talk’ Madan Krishna explains everything about his disease and the treatment.

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31 years of MaHa – Madan Krishna and Hari Bamsha celebrate the anniversary

It has been 31 years since the two started working together in stage shows. The comedy actors Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bamsha Acharya, commonly known as MaHa, told that the 31 years journey was a long one and there were ups and downs in their journey.

MaHa celebrated the 31st year of their union on 27 April, 2010 and on the very day they went to meet Maoist leader Baburam Bhattarai to request him to make the protest peaceful.


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