Jul 012017
३३ बर्षमा हाउ फन्नी निर्देशक निलु डोमाको निधन - RIP Nilu Doma Sherpa

Highlights of this video: The director of the film featuring Priyanka Karki, Keki Adhikari and Dayahang Rai, ‘How Funny’ is no longer with us. 33-years old Nilu Doma Sherpa left the world on Saturday – a day after attending the marriage ceremony of Nisha Adhikari. The producer of ‘How Funny’, ex- Miss Nepal, Malvika Subba […]

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Jun 232017
पारस र हिमानी संगै गणेश मन्दिरमा, What does Paras Himani ganesh puja mean?

Highlights of this video: Pars Shah and Himani Shah were seen together at a Ganesh temple, Jal Binayak at chobhar. They also visited Dakshinkali temple and worshiped the god. It has been years since they were seen together. It seems the relationship is getting a new start by worshiping Ganesh god. Incoming search terms:himani shahnepalenew […]

Jun 082017
निकिता चन्दक इण्डियन हुन र ? Is nikita chandak an Indian

Highlights of this video: We Nepali are fond of controversies. Like other Miss Nepal contests, Miss Nepal 2017 also had its share of controversy. People called the newly chosen Miss Nepal a Non-Nepali. Because of her name and because of the fact that she studied in India some called her Indian. In fact, Nikita belongs […]

Jun 022017
दीपेन्द्र र देवयानीको प्रेम कसरी शुरु भएको थियो ? Dipendra Devyani love start

Highlights of this video: A new movie titled “Dipendra Sarkar” is announced recently. The movie features Pradeep Khadka of ‘Prem Geet’ as the ex-king Dipendra Shah. It is believed that Dipendra had caused the June 1, 2001 incident after the royal palace didn’t approve his love towards Divyani Rana. This video is about the start […]

May 112017
कुलमान घिसिङ किन रोए ? कारण यस्तो रहेछ - Why Kulman Ghising cried?

Highlights of this video: The Managing director of the Nepal Electricity Authority, Kulman Ghising cried in a press conference. He was responding to the corruption charges against him and his team for the purchase of LED light bulbs from India. A Kantipur daily report accused the government of buying the light bulbs in the price […]

May 042017
दर्दनाक जीवनमा आशाको किरण - निखिललाइ डेब्यु गराउने पवन मैनालीले गरे बिहे - Pawan Mainali marries

Highlights of this video: Well known villain of the Nepali film industry, Pawan Mainali had been going through a hard time for a while. Now, he has got married and is wishing to live a better life. Producer of ‘Pinjada’ the debut movie of Nikhil Upreti. Actor of 100s of Nepali films. Writer, actor and […]

Apr 282017
नेपाल घुम्न आएका जोडी- प्रेमिका भोकभोकै मर्दा टुलुटुलु हेर्नु पर्यो -Taiwan youth rescued

Highlights of this video: Taiwan trekker tragedy youth rescued too late for girlfriend. After 47 days of being lost, A Taiwanese man Liang Sheng-yu was rescued alive while the woman Liu Chen-chun couldn’t be saved near Somdang in Ruby Valley, Dhading. The couple ate salt and snow to keep themselves alive. It was three days […]

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Apr 252017
छक्का पन्जा २ लाइ क-कसले छोडे? It was not only Samragyee who else left Chhakka Panja 2?

Highlights of this video: It was not only Samragyee who else left Chhakka Panja 2? At least four considerable personality have left the sequel of superhit movie ‘Chhakka Panja’. Will it be as successful as the original ? Who made chhaka panja 2 tuhuro. Incoming search terms:chhaka panja 2deepak raj giri new interview video downloaddipa […]

Apr 022017
पारस, हिमानीको राजशी लुक्स निर्मल निवास भित्र - Himani, Paras, Purnika Royal looks

Highlights of this video: I have found some of the photos of the Bratabandha ceremony of ex-royal prince Hridayendra Shah that was kept away from journalist’s prying eyes. No journalists were allowed to cover the event held in their home, Nirmal Niwas. In the event, ex-princess Himani Shah wore royal looks with a crown on […]

Feb 272017
के पारस र हिमानीलाइ संगै देख्न नपाइने नै हो त ? Why Paras and Himani don't meet.

Highlights of this video: What is the problem in the relationship between the ex-prince Paras Shah and ex-princess Himani Shah. Won’t they ever come together? Paras was in Pashupati on Shiva Ratri. His wife wasn’t with him. Why? Instead his sister was with him. Although Paras seems to be trying hard, it seems, Paras and […]

Jan 312017
इतिहासमै पहिलो, हिमानी पुगिन छोरिको नागरिकता लिन - Historical Purnika citizenshippn

Highlights of this video: The citizenship certificate that ex-king’s grand daughter got is historical in the sense that she had to follow all the processes to get it like a general citizenship. Every royal members before her didn’t have to collect the document to get their citizenship certificate. They were delivered to them when required. […]

Jan 302017
अन्तेष्टिमा नदेखिएकी यमबुद्धकी श्रिमती को हुन ? Who is the wife of Yama Buddha

Highlights of this video: It is a very sad time for the wife of Yama Buddha. Losing the loving husband who she married after a lengthy love affair is surely a heart breaking moment. She should be shocked and mourning in UK as she wasn’t seen in the Pashupati Aryaghat. Incoming search terms:yama buddhayama buddha […]

Jan 272017
यम बुद्धको आत्महत्या मा आशंका बेलायतको पत्रिका डेलि मेलको रिपोर्ट बाझियो - Yama Buddha Anil Adhikari

Highlights of this video: Yama Buddha being brought to Kathmandu. Yama Buddha is being brought to Nepal on January 28, 2017 for the last rituals. The arrival is scheduled at 3:00 PM. He will be kept in Pragya Bhawan for the public display. In the evening the last rituals will be done in Pashupati Aryaghat.

Jan 242017
तपाइलाई तेरियाको धन्यवाद, Teriya thanks voters

Highlights of this video: After winning the Jhalak Dikhalaja 9 reality show in the Indian TV show Colors, Teirya has thanked everybody who voted for her. After winning the contest, Teriya and the team have won NRs. 3 million and a car. Incoming search terms:purnika shahteriya photonepali teriya magarteriya imageteriya magar 2013 comteriya magar hotteriya […]