Chamsuri, Palpasa Dongol got vegetable and fruits presents on her birthday

Comedy actress Palpasa Dangol (popularly known as Chamsuri in ‘Meri Bassai’) celebrated her birthday on May 13, 2014 in a hotel in Jamal. Last year, she had celebrated her birthday in her home at Balaju but, this year she might have wanted to make it easier by celebrating out of home.

Chamsuri Palpasa-dangol

In Palpasa’s birthday most of the comedy artists were present. In every earlier birthdays comedy artists Kiran KC and Shiva Hari Poudel (from ‘Jire Khursani‘) used to present her with vegetables. This year, they have upgraded the present to fruits.

Dhurmus (Sitaram Kattel) of ‘Meri Bassai‘ and Radio Audio family presented Palpasa with a bag full of vegetable. Chamsuri expressed her happiness in receiving the present.

Palpasa participated in Miss Nepal 1997 and entered the entertainment industry. Before acting in ‘Meri Bassai’ she was trained in dancing and she is also working as a dance teacher. In addition to acting in television serials and music videos, Palpasa had also acted in movies like ‘Mato Bolchha’ and ‘Nagad Narayan’.

palpasa dangol chamsuri birthday party

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