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sivshankar-rijal Shiva Shankar Rijal has acted on almost every comedy serials screened in Nepali televisions.

Rijal hails from Sarlahi and has started acting on 2056 in a role of person from Terai region. He has acted in Tito Satya, Jire Khursani, Jhayi Kuti Jhayi, Sunaulo Sansar etc.

Rijal first appeared in a Gaijatra program by Dinish DC in Tundikhel. In a television serial, Bansha is his first serial. After Bansha he did more serials like ‘Dui Din ko Jindagi’, Jantar, Khichidi, Tato na Chharo, and Mister Michael. He has also modeled in more than 2 dozen advertisements.

Rijal, a government employee, manages to produce a CD in each Gaijatra and is directing his forthcoming serial “Ghokre Thyak”.

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  1. shiva shankar rijal g tapaiacting yak dam ramro chha londan ma basane nepali daju bhai le yakdam manparayako chha badai chha tapailai

  2. Mama tapai ko kam le esari nai safalta ko paila chumos sadhai tapai ko harek paila paila ma safalta ra khushi milos. Tapai ko action ramro cha tapai lai mero tarpha bata badhai

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