Mar 022016

ho ke kya ho - comedyComedy – Ho Ke Kya Ho
Starring – Aryam Nakarmi, Rajaram Poudel, Sabin Shakya, Mukunda Kishor Bhattarai, Rohini Bhattarai etc.
Director – Aryam Nakarmi

The funny comedy advisor is the director Narayan Puri. The comedy serial is written and the lyrics is also written by the director Aryan Nakami himself. The editor is Dipen Basnet, music by Babu Pradhan (Shailendra).

This is the second part of the comedy serial. Episodes 13 to Episode 24 are available in in this post.

Episode 24

Episode 23

Episode 22

Episode 21

Episode 20

Episode 19

Episode 18

Episode 17

Episode 16

Episode 15



All earlier episodes are here.

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