Mar 282016

ho ke kya ho - comedyNew Nepali comedy serial ‘Ho Ke Kya Ho’ started in the New year, 2016.
Comedy – Ho Ke Kya Ho
Starring – Rajaram Poudel, Sabin Shakya, Mukunda Kishor Bhattarai, Rohini Bhattarai etc.
Director – Aryan Nakami

The funny comedy advisor is the famous director Narayan Puri. The comedy serial is written by the director Aryan Nakami himself. The editor is Dipen Basnet, music by Babu Pradhan (Shailendra).

This is the first part of the comedy serial. Episodes 13 to Episode 24 are available in another post.

Episode 32
coming soon

Episode 31

Episode 30

Episode 29

Episode 28

Episode 27

Episode 26

Episode 25

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