Comedy Joginder and Mula Saag (Gaijatra Special)

The Gaijatra Special edition of Joinder, the Paan Waala, features comedy actor Mula Saag (from Meri Bassai). Mula Saag’s real name is Surendra KC and Jogindar is Shiva Shankar.

bhuichalo comedy mula saag and jogindar

The 5-parts series of the comedy program prepared for Gaijatra 2015 is not that long. The first four parts are each 3 minutes long each. The last part is 22 minutes long. That is the total program is slightly longer than half an hour. Enjoy the program.

Part 1

This episode is a comedy poem about earthquake spanning 3:14 minutes. This is more like an introduction than a comedy part.

Part 2

The comedy continues about earthquake. This part is only a song also spanning 3:20 minutes. It is more like a music video rather than a comedy program.

Part 3

The third part is also a 3 minutes long video:

Part 4

And the fourth part is also not so long – 3:37 minutes long.

Part 5

The comedy is full of jokes and funny sequences and the longest among the videos – spanning  22.48 minutes. Joginder and Mula Sag talk about India encroaching Nepal and good relationship between the people in Terai and the ones in the hilly regions of Nepal.

Enjoy the full episode of Joginder Paan Waala :

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