Comedy Serial – Feri Arok Chartikala, 10 to 5, Dec 17 (Rajani KC, Niramal Sharma)

A new and interesting comedy serial in AP1 HD Television, a presentation of SP Pictures, ‘Ferio Arko Chartikala’ is directed by Kamal Kant Mainali and Nirmal Sharma. The co-ordinator of the serial is actress Rajani KC.

The script is writen by Kamal Kant Mainali, lyrics by Shantipriya, music by Dipak Sharma, background score by Manoj Rajbhandari, singer and arranger is James Pradhan. The editor of the serial is Madhu Sanjel, camera by Shree Ram Aryal, make up by Muna, light by Krishna, Hritik, Sajan, and Jiwan. The guest artist in the serial is Uttam KC.

The artists in the serial are Rabi Sharma Ghato, Kamal Mainali, Keshab Bhattarai, Nirmal Sharma, Mukunda Mainali, Rajni KC, Sunita Thakur, Rameshwor KC, Snadeep Shahi, Rachita Chhetri, Mani Raj Gautam, Sushma Tamang, Puja Lohar

Watch the full serial:

Viewer’s comment:

– Ritu miss’s body is very hot. I like the figure of the actress. (Roshan Tamang)

– The election is over and the results have already come, what type of script do they write? (Sundar Sir)

– The serial is getting boring day by day. Make it more interesting (Ram krishna)

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