Nov 282015

ghyampo bhitrako khichadiComedy Serial – Ghyampo Bhitrako Khichadi
Starring – Shiva Sharma, Resham Khadka, Mahadev Tripathi, Shiva Shankar Rijal, Shekhar Khala, Nabaraj Thapa etc.
Director – Anand Thapa

The comedy serial by Ananda Thapa, ‘Ghyampo Bhitrako Khichadi’ features the camera by Devendra ‘Hur Hur’, background music by Raju Pradhan, editing by Ramesh Shrestha / Raju Pradhan, and produced by Khemraj Khanal.

Watch the comedy serial:

Episode 1

Episode 2

More episode coming soon.

credit – Cineside Digital

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