Control Hudaina, Dhurmus directed music video released

The music video directed by Dhurmus (Sitaram Kattel) has been released. The comedy actor busy in ‘Meri Bassai‘ and stage shows has directed the music video of singer Pramod Kharel titled ‘Control Hundaina.. ‘ in his album ‘Hangama Bho’.

Dhurmus music video Shalu-Gautam

The music video features Shalu Gautam, a Nepali model living in Portugal. The movie shot last week has released in a week of its shooting.

The video is shot by Sudip Baral and features actors like Khem Sharma, Dilip Akheda, Arjun Ghimire and Raj Aryal with Shalu Gautam.

Shalu gautam dhurmus Control-Hudina shooting

The director, Dhurmus told that he has tried using his knowledge and experience in directing music video. Dhurmus says that he didn’t plan directing music video but, he is always open to test new avenues and see what works.

Watch the music video:

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