Sep 192013

Comedy actors and directors of popular comedy serial ‘Tito Satya‘, Deepak Raj Giri and Deepa Shree Niraula had to take the one-hour-long drunk driving awareness training. The training, mandatory to everybody caught drunk driving, is being organized by the Municipality Traffic office. Seized driving license is returned after the completion of the training and after the payment of a fine of Rs. 1000.


Deepa told that they were shown different videos on road accidents. She compared the training to a film premier in which they get to see a movie for the first time. Deepa told that the interview of DIG Keshav Adhikari stating their names in a media interview was wrong.

In a statement, Deepak told that they were told to prepare an awareness video instead of taking the training by the ex-DIG, Upendrakant Aryal. But, current DIG didn’t want to fulfill the previous agreement and insisted on taking the training.

Whatever might be the case, the rules should be applicable to everyone. Deepak and Deepa’s verbal agreement with the ex-DIG sounds very unprofessional. It is good to learn that they have realized their mistake and took the mandatory training.

(Detailed video news is available here)

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