Deepak Raj Giri talks Love and Romance with Ujju Darling

These days Ujju Darling is running a feature in Kantipur publication’s Saptahik weekly. In the recent edition of the magazine, ‘Tito Satya‘ actor and director Deepak Raj Giri is featured. The summary of Deepak’s views on love and romance is presented here:

Q. Who is beautiful, Deepa of television or your wife at home?

A. Wife is beautiful at home and at shooting, Deepa is beautiful. So, both are beautiful.

deepak raj giri ujju darling love and romance

Q. Fans say, Deepa is your real wife.

A. People are free to get fooled. But, I won’t be fooled.

Q. What is a kiss. What does it taste like?

A. Kiss is the first step towards physical intimacy. Some enter into hearts through this. Talking about taste, you can’t express how good it tastes.

Q. Well, what is sex then?

A. Sex with wife and prostitutes are different. So, one definition is not enough. Sometimes it is for making children and at other times it is for fun.

Q. Any good memories of your honeymoon?

A. We had a lot of people at home. So, we had to wait till 1 AM. That was in BS 2043.

Q. How many kids do you have?

A. Three. Two sons and a daughter.

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