Depak Raj Giri loves Menuka, the real wife

Many think Deepak Raj Giri’s screen wife of Tito Satya, Deepa Shree Niraula, is his real wife. In real life Deepa is still unmarried and Deepak is married to Menuka Giri and has three children. Deepak says that he and Deepa are only “onscreen couple” and the real wife, Menuka, is his true love and the driver of his life.

Deepak Raj Giri biography:


Both Deepak Raj Giri and Menuka were born in Dahachowk-2 of Thankot but, they were never close with each other before marriage. Deepak had an affair with a friend of Menuka’s elder sister but, he choose to marry Menuka instead.

Deepak did an arranged marriage when the 16-year-old Menuka was still going to school. Deepak had finished school but had failed in the SLC exam for a few times. Finally, Deepak passed SLC in the year they got married. Deepak remembers, “Before marrying Menuka, I was a failure in everything I did. But, after the marriage, I have passed in everything I have done.”

Deepak wanted to become an artist but his father wanted Deepak to join police force. He even took a job as a police officer. But, later he ran away from the training camp and didn’t go home for some time. Then he went to Kathmandu to struggle in hope of starting his career in acting. After a long struggle he got an opportunity to act in a short role in a program by Dinesh DC, Twakk Tukka. After that, he got more opportunity and after the start of Tito Satya, he is considered one of the best comedy actors in Nepali television.


With the success of Tito Satya, the leading couple in the serial, Deepak and Deepa have also enjoyed a huge popularity and liking. They are seen together in many programs in the country and abroad. Various rumors about the affair between them are also published in media. In an interview with Naya Patrika, Menuka told that such rumors doesn’t affect her. She says, Deepak shares all the things and she believes Deepak is not like that. Menuka says, she regularly meets Deepa and they have a good understanding of each other.

The Deepak Deepa couple is odd in many ways. Deepa hasn’t married yet but Deepak has marriage age children. Deepak and Menuka’s eldest daughter is doing her BSc Nursing in Bangalore, India. 22-year-old son (in photo above) and a younger son live with them in Nepal.

We wish all the best of Deepak’s career and congratulate him for having Menuka, an understanding wife. We also with all the best for the further success of the Tito Satya and the ‘onscreen couple,’ Deepak and Deepa.

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