Feb 092016

This program was shown in Himalaya TV. Highlights of this program:

  • Rishi keeps on asking Dinesh how was his relationship with actor Bhuwan KC as his movie ‘Dreams’ is releasing on the same day as Dinesh’s movie ‘Phulai Phulko Mausam Timilai’.
  • Dhamala asks Dinesh if he can compete with Bhuwan KC’s movie.
  • Dinesh explains the important things in his new movie ‘Fulai Fulko Mausam Tmilai’.
  • Dinesh talks about his wife and told that she doesn’t want to face the media.
  • Dhamala asks Dinesh DC about his relationship between him and his wife.
  • Dhamala also asks Dinesh about his relationship with model/actress Pooja Lama. Pooja reportedly tried to commit suicide when Dinesh refused to marry her.

Dhamalako hamala

Watch the full interview

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