Dhamala Ko Hamala with Jyoti Magar

This program was shown in Himalaya TV. Highlights of this program:

  • Dhamala starts the interview by asking Jyoti Magar where he should start the questions from. From up or from bottom. Jyoti answers, probably he should start from the middle.
  • Jyoti talks about the start of her career as a singer and model. She also talked about her first song.
  • During the interview Jyoti also sang her popular song ‘Piratima dam chha’.
  • Rishi Dhamala talks about the beauty of Jyoti.
  • Jyoti explains the kind of guys she likes.
  • Rishi says Jyoti should get married.
  • Rishi also asks if Jyoti can pose in bikini in front of the Sambidhan Sabha building.


Watch the full interview

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