Dec 222015

This program was shown in Himalaya TV. Highlights of this video:

  • Dhamala talks about Karishma’s beauty.
  • Karishma says that she wants to be healthy, she says she doesn’t have any interest in being any younger. Let alone being younger than her own daughter.
  • Dhamala keeps on asking why Karishma has only one child and why she didn’t want another kid.
  • Dhamala ask why Karishma chose Binod Manandhar as her life partner.
  • Karishma says he feels lucky that she found her husband Binod and says he cares her a lot.
  • Dhamala blamed Karishma to be money-minded.
  • Karishma says she doesn’t know what the market rate is.
  • Karishma also talks about her social work.
  • Dhamala keeps on asking how much money she makes for her role in movies.
  • Dhamala also asks if Karishma is interested in joining politics.

Dhalako Hamala

Watch the full video

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