Dhamala Ko Hamala With Keki Adhikari – October 19, 2015

This program was shown in Himalaya TV. Highlights of this program:

  • Dhamala asks Keki about her Dashain plan?
  • Keki says her and all Nepali people have the same problem during dashain in Nepal.
  • Keki says she don’t have petrol in her scooter and can’t ride it.
  • Rishi ask Keki the reason she is in acting field.
  • Keki and Rishi talks about Keki’s time of struggle in the field.
  • Keki talks about the director she wants to work with.
  • Keki says she doesn’t have a boyfriend and that she has no plan of marrying in 2072.
  • Rishi explains the details of the guy she wants to marry.
  • Keki also talks about her past movies.
  • Keki revealed the information that Rishi is also featured in ‘How Funny’ movie in guest role.
  • Keki talks about her favorite actor of current generation.
  • Keki talks about Dashain in her house and the foods she makes for her parents.
  • In this interview Keki also sings a song on Rishi’s request.
  • Keki also says that she respects arrange marriage system.

Dhamala Ko Hamala

Watch the full program

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