Dhamala Ko Hamala with Nir Shah – actor, director and producer of Nepali movies

This program was shown in Himalaya TV. Highlights of this interview:

  • Why do people address Nir Shah by the title “Nir Raja”?
  • Rishi and Nir Shah discuss about the relationship between the late king Birendra and Nir Shah.
  • Nir Shah explains how king Birendra Knew him.
  • Nir Shah also tells about the type of person King Birendra was.
  • Rishi also asks Nir about ‘Darbar Hatya Kanda’.
  • Nir Shah told Darbar Hatya Kanda was a big loss and the day after that day he lost his mother.
  • Nir Shah talks about his thought of Hindu country.
  • Nir Shah and Rishi Dhamala talks about the high tolerance nature of Nepali people.
  • Dhamala asks Nir Shah about his relation with politicians.
  • Nir Shah loves to say he is a democrat.
  • Nir Shah explains why he chose Congress Party for membership.

Dhamala Ko Hamala

Watch the full program

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