Sep 222010

Sitaram Kattel, Dhurmus of Meri Bassai, celebrated his birthday on Monday, Sept. 20 in ‘Radio Audio’. In the he ‘Dhurmus Birthday Special’ program, his wife Kunjana Ghimire, Suntali, and other friends wished the birthday wishes on phone.


In the program Dhurmus revealed that he is planning to produce a movie soon. He has already prepared three script and is planning to start the movie once he gets some free time from the ongoing serials. He also told that the movie will be produced in association with Kedar Ghimire, ‘Magne Budha’ of Meri Bassai. They had previously acted in a movie named ‘Daud’. The movie was never released and Dhurmus is unsure of what has happened to the movie.

Our belated Happy Birthday to Sitaram Kattel ‘Dhurmus’ !

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  1. happy birthday dhurmus ji

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