May 272016

Highlights of this interview:

  • Dhurmus starts this program with a caricature.
  • Dhurmus talks about how and why he came to Kathmandu from his home in Jhapa.
  • Suntali explains what attracted her towards Dhurmus and the details of their love story.
  • They talk about the earthquake that occurred in Nepal when they were in the USA.
  • They talk about how and why they planned to start building ‘Namuna Basti’.
  • They were also asked if the government helped them in the building.
  • Suntali and Dhrmus talk about how much Nepali people living aboroad love their country.
  • Suntali cried when host asked how they had to leave their daughter at home when they worked in the ‘Namuna Basti’ project.
  • Dhurmus and Suntali also talk about their new project.

Dhurmus and Nepal

Watch the full program

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