Mar 312014

The popular actor of ‘Meri Bassai‘ Dhurmus (Sitaram Kattel) has become a director of a music video. He is directing the music video on the song by singer Parmode Kharel ‘Controlai Bhayana …’

sitaram kattel with shalu gautam

The music video to be included in an album titled ‘Hangama’ is written by Rajendra Thapa. The music of the album is composed by Ashish Abiral.

The music video model Shalu Gautam is featured in main role. The models in opposite to Shalu are Raj Aryal and Dilip Kumar. Sudip Baral is behind the camera.

Singer Kharel says that Sitaram Kattel liked the song very much. He wanted to test his skill in hopes to get something new from the popular comedy singer.

Sitaram kattel with shalu gautam and bandre

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