Friday Face – Niru Khadka (Nirmali, Thyas Kumari) scandal

The comedy actress’ private life is in trouble these days. She is having issues with her husband, Narottam. According to her Facebook status, her husband has told her to leave acting and focus to the family. Niru however wants to continue acting.

According to a report in xnepali, Niru and her husband have been married for more than seven years. They also have two kids.

In the Facebook message she wrote:

Friends, my family is forcing me to leave my field. But, I can’t leave it. Yesterday, my husband slapped me. My eardrum has broken. What shall I do? Is it better to divorce or quit working as an actress? I need your suggestion.

What do you suggest?

Here are photos of the couple:

Who is Niru Khadka ?

Niru Khadka is a comedy actress. She is also sometimes considered the only female stand-up comedian. But, Deepa Shree Niraula, Kunjana Ghimire and others might also claim the same title.

Niru became very popular by the title of Nirmali for her role in ‘Meri Bassai’. In the serial, her hand gesture – ‘Thyash’ was very popular. These days, she is busy in music videos, stage shows and other programs.

Niru married Narottam Gautam, a journalist, in 2011. She met Narottam in an assignment as a journalist. They were friends for about four years before they got married. Narottam and Niru dated for more than a year before finally deciding to get married. Niru gave birth to a daughter in the end of 2011. She gave birth to a son in 2016.

When Magne Budho of ‘Meri Bassai’ left the team to start his own serial, Niru Khakka also joined him. After that, she stopped appearing in ‘Meri Bassai’. Later the serial also stopped. Although she has appeared in a lot of other serials, she is yet to get a role she will be remembered for a long time.

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