Mar 072014

A television program is at least half-an-hour long. In the current age of internet, people don’t have that much free time. They want everything in short-cut. That might be the reason, short stories are gaining popularity in these days.

We have started a new section in which we will post short comedy programs – probably around 1 minutes. All the videos posted in this section will be less than 2-minutes. That is why the name “Friday fun-in-a-minute”.

Friday fun-in-a-minute march 7

The first ‘Friday fun-in-a-minute’ features Hari Bansha Acharya. Hari talks about his colleague Kiran KC and how he teased a beautiful girl in street. Enjoy a-minute-long video.

If you prefer longer videos we have a lot of them in other posts. Please enjoy.

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