Aug 122015

Comedy video collection of the 2015 edition of Nepali comedy festival Gaijatra. Various comedy and satirical music videos in the following collection feature the interviews of fake politicians and parody songs.

gaijatra 2015

The videos include:

Goru Farm (Gaijatra 2015)

goru farmComedy – Goru Farm is a Gaijatra 2015 presentation by Om Sai Records. The program includes poems, hot music videos, interviews and satire programs. The program is written by Daman. Camera by Man Raj Shrestha, editing by Rajendra Manadhar / Rabindra Bhatta.

Comedy – Goru Farm
StarringDaman Rupakheti and friends
Director – Daman Rupakheti

Janatale Bhante Bhaichalo Aayo by Kamal Gaunle (song)

Sunny Leone Saree (Gaijatra 2015)

Saree Byapar

Ma Hoon Budho Baagh (Gaijatra 2015)

Interview of Dr. Baburam Bhattarai (fake)

Churna Ki Purna by Daman Rupakheti

Khairate Kabita by Kamal Gaunle

Sushil Koirala interview (fake)

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